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Zevia Black Cherry & Ginger AleAs I originally wrote about Zevia in my June 15th Blog post (click here to read it) I had only been able to try four of the six Zevia flavors. At long last I finally found a local store that carries the Ginger Ale and Black Cherry Flavors of Zevia’s natually sugar and calorie free diet sodas. My mother had tipped me off that her local natural foods store, Frazier Farms, had them when I was visiting my folks for Father’s Day. So on my way home, I took a quick trip over to Frazier Farms to see, and sure enough, they had some Black Cherry flavor and the Ginger Ale flavor, the two flavors that have been so elusive to me when looking for Zevia.

Unfortunately, there was only one six-pack of the Black Cherry, so I made sure to grab that one before anyone else did. Then I also picked up three of the Ginger Ale flavors. Since Ginger Ale is one of my favorite flavors of soda and Frazier Farms is way out of the way for me, I thought it best to stock up on the flavor. And the good part was they had the same low sale price that Henry’s Farmers Market stores have for the Zevia at $4.99 a six pack.

Well it was going to be a few hours before I’d take the chance to sample one, I didn’t want to spoil the experience by pouring warm soda over ice, I quickly got some of the new Black Cherry and Ginger Ale cans into the refrigerator to chill. Normally I would have waited to try them the next day after work, but because these flavors had been so elusive in trying to find them, I decided to take a can of the Black Cherry with me to work and drink it on the way. Again, I am absolutely gob smacked at how much flavor is packed into a single can of Zevia. The cherry flavor is very robust and the soda tasted to me a lot like Dr. Pepper (which I do like) but with a lot more cherry flavor. The fact the Black Cherry has no calories and no sugar, it’s a no-brainer as to which soda I’ll be happily buying in the future.

I saved the Ginger Ale trial for when I returned home from work this morning. And I think the flavor in here is stronger than Canada Dry’s Ginger Ale. I am really impressed with the Ginger Ale. I didn’t try mixing it with Crown Royal…yet. I wanted to try it virgin and enjoy it. But one of my favorite home made mixed drinks is Crown Royal with Ginger Ale. With the robust flavor in the Zevia, I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely delicious. I’ll keep you all posted when I get around to trying that combination.

In any case, I want to thank Zevia for the amazing flavors in all six of its varieties and again big thanks to Jorge Cruise and his Belly Fat Cure Program for introducing Zevia to me. The soda is incredibly amazing, and nice to know it can be added to a healthy lifestyle without any guilt, because it’s all natural and not loaded with sugar. Keep up the great work Zevia, and let me know when you start making a variation of Mountain Dew!!.

If you want to get Zevia but don’t have any local stores that carry it. It can be purchased from and the easiest way to do so is through my “Ryan’s Incredible Store” by clicking here.

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