WOW! Excellent Customer Service At Apple Store

Apple StoreYesterday, after visiting my mom for Mother’s Day, I stopped at the Apple Store at Westfield – North County Fair and needed to exchange the Nike+ sensor I had bought in December because I couldn’t get it to work yesterday and I thought it might be a dead battery. The battery is supposed to be good for 1,000 miles, but so far I’ve only gotten about 200 miles on it. So I was a little ticked off that it wasn’t working so I could get in a 2 mile run before visiting my mom.

Before I determined the battery was the most likely source of the problem, I thought the 3.0 beta of the Operating System (OS) was causing the problem. I had managed to get a few runs in using the new OS, even though a couple of those runs ended up not being tracked because the Nike application crashed the iPod. Just to be sure I reinstalled the Operating System but that didn’t fix the problem. So on that basis I figured it was the battery causing the problem.

Well I printed off my purchase receipt since the store emailed me my receipt at the time of purchase. (How cool is that?) And sure enough, I walked right in, talked to one of the employees at the Apple Store and they were more than happy to help me out with no grief whatsoever. The Nike+ sensor was exchanged for a new one in just a matter of minutes and they even went so far as to renew the warranty to the date of the exchange as opposed to the original purchase. I am extremely impressed with the service I received at the Escondido Apple Store. It’s so rare to see service that doesn’t treat you like a criminal for needing assistance. I am so happy to be recommending their stores.

I get home and comes to find out I can’t get the new sensor to work either. So now I’m not sure if the original battery was bad or not. I decided it might be best to downgrade the OS back down to 2.2.1 and see if it worked there. But I ran into problems trying to restore the iPod back to it’s factory new condition. So back to reinstalling the 3.0 beta version which did work. Fortunately, the new sensor worked like a charm and I could be back to running first thing this morning.

So I’m not truly sure if the original battery went out or not after having to reinstall the OS again. But the new sensor seems to link up to the iPod considerably faster than the old one so who knows. In any case, I really want to take a moment to thanks the folks at the Apple Store in Escondido. I feel like I was well taken care of and was treated like a valuable customer. Thanks so much Apple Store!



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