Who Knew 3M Makes Toothpaste?

3M ESPE Clinpro 5000 ToothpasteWhen I got my teeth cleaned during my most recent bi-annual visit to my dentist, my hygienist and dentist decided that a couple of areas on my teeth warranted some additional protection to prevent them from becoming problems. Apparently what’s occurring is that the enamel has weakened in those spots and to prevent them from becoming full blown cavities, I was prescribed some 3M ESPE Clinpro 5000 Toothpaste, which apparently has three times the amount of fluoride found in store bought toothpaste as well as additional calcium and phosphate which allows for the teeth to remineralize and become stronger.

Personally, I think that sounds like something that happens to the dilithium crystals on the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek as opposed to what can happen from this prescription toothpaste. In any case, I’m going to use it because I didn’t enjoy the process of having the few cavities I do have filled. Granted, those were all preventable on my part, I just never took the flossing requests of my dentists seriously until I finally had some cavities, all of which in the gaps between the teeth where floss can reach but a toothbrush can’t.

So when I got my prescription toothpaste, I was instantly amused by the fact the 3M company is the brand name on it. It comes from their 3M ESPE division which is all dental products. I’m sure 3M doesn’t want to hear this but since 3M is best known for having invented Scotch tape and Post-It Notes, I’ve since been referring to the toothpaste as the “Scotchguard” for my teeth, or even just calling my teeth “Scotch Teeth” or “Post-It Teeth.” Who knew 3M made toothpaste? At least it tastes pretty good too.



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