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Which WichOn the recommendation of Brian Hill, a friend who is part of a local scene podcast, mentioned trying this new chain of sandwich shops that has recently opened up a location in San Diego. This chain is called “Which Wich” and the premise of the chain is that when you step into the shop, you grab a sandwich bag that corresponds to the type of meat that you want on the sandwich and then from there, you use a red Sharpie marker pen to check off all the various options for the type of bread as well all the additional items from condiments to bacon and dressings that you want added to the sandwich.

All the sandwiches are the same price (unless you opt to add additional meats or try their signature sandwich called “The Wicked” which consists of five types of meats and three cheeses). At the bottom of the bag is a spot to write in your name, then you take the bag to the counter and they ring up your order then make it exactly as you ordered it. You can add additional items to your order such as a bag of potato chips. And they even make their own house potato chips too.

Unlike other sandwich shop chains they also offer milkshakes. Now I’m told the milkshakes are good, but since they exceed the maximum amount of grams of sugar per serving that I’m allowed on the Belly Fat Cure program I am currently on, I didn’t partake in the opportunity to sample one of their shakes. But perhaps one of these days when I’m a lot closer to my goal on the program I will allow myself a chance to try one of the shakes.

Before checking out Which Wich for myself, I looked them up online and saw that they are a company based out of Texas and the location in Hillcrest that Brian had tried and raved about the first location in San Diego, it’s also the very first location in California. They’ve since opened a second location in the San Diego area of Pacific Beach and for those in Orange County, they’ve recently opened a shop in Santa Ana. Their website also indicates that Carlsbad, in San Diego’s North County, will soon be getting a location as well. As all the locations are out of the way for me, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to try Which Wich on the night of seeing Dame Edna. As I would be seeing the show with a couple of friends, I could also introduce them to the shop and hopefully the three of us would enjoy it as much as Brian had.

When the three of us arrived, there was just one person ahead of us getting a sandwich made and a couple of people in the shop enjoying their sandwiches. We made our way to the bag station so that we could select our sandwiches and proceed to customize them as we saw fit. We were able to pay quickly and our sandwiches were soon being prepared. We didn’t know until after we got our sandwiches that they also toast them, which is fine. I like toasted sandwiches. I took the opportunity to sample the house made potato chips and they were really good. The little bag I bought didn’t make it long enough to last until the sandwich was done. They had very nice flavor and were delicious.

Soon enough the sandwiches were all done being made and each of us tried something different. I opted to try a Roast Beef sandwich and one of my friends picked a Seafood Salad sandwich and my other friend picked a Turkey Ruben. All of us really enjoyed our sandwiches and thought Which Wich was a great choice for dinner. We definitely want to try the other sandwiches they have on offer. I would definitely go more often if there was a shop closer to me, the two existing San Diego shops and the new Carlsbad location are just too far out of the way for me to visit on a regular basis. If you’re in the areas of Hillcrest or Pacific Beach, consider giving Which Wich a try. Help support a new business that is definitely worth your time.

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  1. Hi Brenda,

    Great question. Sometimes I alternate between the White and Wheat bread. Both technically make for a carb value of a 3 on the S/C chart which is a no-no and exceeds the recommended maximum of 2 carb servings per meal, that is if I had the whole sandwich. As the sandwiches are cut in half, a lot of the time I save half of the sandwich for a later meal meaning the S/C value drops down to acceptable levels. However, sometimes I elect to have the whole sandwich and that does exceed the recommended carbs for the S/C value, but I only do this on days when I’ve not had carbs at one or both of my other meals for the day.


  2. So being on the Belly Fat Cure, what type of bread did you have on your sandwich?

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