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Which Wich CarlsbadI’m excited to report that the folks of San Diego’s North County now have their first Which Wich? Sandwich shop. I’ve previously reported about my first experience at the Hillcrest Which Wich? shop. (Click here to read about my first visit to Which Wich?). For those unfamiliar with the concept of how Which Wich? works, you enter the store and grab a bag for the category of sandwich you want, then using a supplied Red Sharpie pen, you check off all the toppings and condiments you want on the sandwich as well as your name at the bottom, then take the bag to the register to pay and then the sandwich will be prepared exactly to your specifications while you wait a couple of short minutes. No muss, no fuss, no having to shout over a glass separator and pointing at toppings, just a sandwich made exactly how you want it.

With my good friend Patsy Ledene from my hometown of Calgary, I wanted to introduce her to Which Wich? and their amazing sandwiches. Since she was already in Carlsbad staying with another friend of hers in the San Diego area, it seemed almost funny that when I went to pick her up, the Forum shopping center that Which Wich is in, just happens to be the closest shopping center to where I was meeting Patsy. Our first order of business was finding where in the shopping center Which Wich? is located. We ended up driving past several shops before we finally found it.

The Which Wich? was actually quite busy, and considering we got there at almost two in the afternoon, past the noon lunch crowds. I thought that was a great sign. As an experienced Which Wich? customer I helped Patsy with how the bags and marking the toppings works while a store employee was helping direct the newbies who were checking out the place. After I helped Pasty with hers, I prepped my own bag and this time I elected to try a meatball sandwich.

As we went to pay, I also presented my frequent diner card and the man behind the counter looked at it and said, “I see you’ve been to our Hillcrest location.” I confirmed I had and he welcomed me to the Carlsbad location. It seems that great customer service is hallmark of Which Wich? as I’ve had nothing but exceptionally friendly service everytime I’ve been to Which Wich? I looked down at the loyalty card to see how he could tell I had been to the Hillcrest location and the first two punches on the card were in a heart shape, and the two new punches I just got were in a star shape, meaning each store must have a different type of punch. Now I’m curious what kind of punch they have at the Pacific Beach store which I have yet to visit.

In no time at all the sandwiches were ready and we both very pleased with our sandwiches. I tend to gauge how much I like a sandwich shop by how well they do a meatball sandwich. I know it’s kind of sad that my benchmark is Subway’s meatball sub, but up until now, it’s been my favorite meatball sandwich. Where Which Wich? is able to top Subway’s meatball sub sandwich is that I was free to add as many additional condiments as I wanted without getting weird looks from the person behind the counter because I like to add pickles and some onions and the Subway folks kind of give me a look like anything other than the meatballs and cheese is weird. So if any of the Which Wich? folks thought my preference for toppings was weird it didn’t show, and since the bag provides a road map to how I want my sandwich constructed they cheerfully assembled the sandwich to perfection.

Patsy’s comments about the sandwich was how everything was just perfect. She was especially excited that garlic was an option to be added to the sandwich and she said they added the perfect amount of it to make the sandwich just perfect in her eyes. She even thought the house made chips were spectacular making it a very different experience than she’s had in a sandwich shop before. So if Which Wich? decides to start crossing the border in to Canada, they’ve already got a fan in Calgary.

In any case, I’m happy to see another Which Wich? location here in San Diego. It’s still a bit of a drive for me to get to my nearest one, but I’m definitely hooked. Hopefully it won’t be too long before there’s one closer to Poway, where I live. Check out Which Wich? on the web at and keep checking their locations page to see if there’s one or one coming soon near you.

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