When Meter Maids Attack

Would you believe my car was tagged for a ticket in this exact spot shown in the photograph? (This photo is not from when the citation was issued but from when I next had the opportunity to park in the same spot the citation was issued.) My alleged violation was I was parking on a “hill” and didn’t have my wheels crimped to the curb. It sounds to me more like it was a meter maid with a bug up his or her butt.

The ticket for the violation is $47, and to me that just sounds like extortion, so I’ve elected to challenge the citation and submitted the photo of my car in this position as it was when the citation was issued. I looked up the law cited, but it doesn’t specify exactly how much of an incline is required before it’s classified as a hill. This just strikes me as ridiculous as clearly there’s no chance in hell of my vehicle rolling from this position as there is only the slightest of incline to where the vehicle is parked.

Now, like all things its the waiting game for the behemoth of government to review the photo and my complaint and decide if this is a violation. And just to spite the bastard of a cop I’ve made sure every time I park in this spot again to crimp the wheels just in case the bloody bastard makes their way through the neighborhood again. Personally I think I should have the opportunity to challenge the cop in person and if they lose make them pay me the value of the ticket for the inconvenience they’ve caused.



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