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Smoothie KingLast year I had purchased a San Diego edition of the Entertainment coupon book, and hadn’t used it much, so I spent the better part of October trying to use as many of the coupons as possible to at least recoup the purchase price of the coupon book. I had kept the coupon book in my car to make it easier to use the coupons but it seemed the book ended up stuck between the center console and the passenger seat of my car forgotten for most of the year.

Prior to the start of October, the only coupon I had used was a discount on some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls I purchased last year for Thanksgiving when my roommates and I ended up hosting some fellow co-workers for Thanksgiving. So I was a little miffed about having spent about $40 for the coupon book and only used $3 worth of savings from it. So the challenge was on to use enough coupons to make the original $40’s spent on the book worth the price I paid before most of the coupons in the book expired on November 1, 2009.

The problem with most of the coupons is that they are two for one offers and generally the only coupons out of there I use are the restaurant coupons. And since I often just hit restaurants alone, using the coupons isn’t the most convenient option. Another challenge is that with 2009 being such a rough year, some of the businesses featured in the coupon book had closed down during the year. And some of the coupons for chain locations were only good at specific locations. All of which are barriers for ease of use. And few coupons were redeemable close to where I live in Poway too.

One coupon that was valid here in Poway was one for Smoothie King. I’m not normally a Smoothie kind of person and especially since I’ve been on the Belly Fat Cure, it pretty much rules out Smoothies in general. Somehow I ended up on Smoothie King’s website and was looking at their nutritional information chart and saw they do actually offer some low-carb smoothie options that have very little sugar. So I thought maybe I should give them a try.

The local Smoothie King shop here in Poway is actually right in the same parking lot as the Henry’s Marketplace where I’ve been doing a lot of the shopping for items on the Belly Fat Cure program I’ve been on since the end of April, and so it was actually pretty close by. So on the basis of having a buy one get one free coupon, I decided to step inside and try their low carb smoothies.

I selected a chocolate and a strawberry flavored one, and took both home and decided to try the strawberry one first. I put the chocolate one in the freezer for later. It was okay, but really not that great. As the smoothie had no real fruit in it (which is why it had very small amounts of sugar), it just tasted artificial and chalky. I didn’t really enjoy it much. So I hoped the chocolate one was better. No such luck, smoothies don’t freeze very well. It tasted like artificial chocolate in the same nasty way that the strawberry one wasn’t so good.

I guess I had higher hopes for these smoothies after seeing they had low sugar and would be okay on the Belly Fat Cure, but I was disappointed over all. I’m glad I had a 2 for 1 coupon because they weren’t that cheap and I certainly wouldn’t have been happy paying that price for one smoothie. So, unfortunately, I would recommend skipping these smoothies from Smoothie King for the Belly Fat Cure, but if you’re in a pinch and need something different, you may want to give it a try. Click here to visit Smoothie King’s website and check out their nutritional information.

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