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To most of the rest of the country, Sonic Drive-In restaurants are a common, everyday sight and experience. Perhaps, one hardly worth taking note. However, they are relatively new here in San Diego, with their first store appearing in Santee about a year ago. I still have not visited that location, but on my way to my Post Office Box in Carlsbad I was driving through Vista and found they had put in a Sonic Drive-In near the recently redeveloped Main Street area. In fact, it’s really close to the old Peppertree Frosty shop that has an amazing variety of milkshakes and other ice cream treats.

I decided to give Sonic a try as I haven’t done a “drive-in” experience in years and thought it might be fun. I pulled into an open stall, decided on what to have then pressed the button to call the store to let them know I was ready to order. Once the order was placed, I loved the fact I could just pay with my Debit card (using it as a Mastercard) right at the menu board right next to the speaker and within a few minutes a young girl on roller skates was out to deliver my order and receipt. It was really cool. I know once the drive-thru was introduced, the drive-in’s were pretty much existing on borrowed time and nearly disappeared permanently, fortunately Sonic has been able to revive the format and make it accessible to folks who might never know the concept ever existed.

I posted a location note on my iPhone’s Loopt application which also fed the information to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and it seemed Sonic sparked a bit of a discussion with several of my Facebook friends chiming in, starting with Todd Mobley who said “Dude that place sucks as bad as the commericals do. The only good thing they have is their shakes” and I commented back that I wasn’t expecting gourmet food. I was just pleased to have the chance to try something different even if it’s just boring old fast food.

It was actually quite funny the various friends that chimed in with comments as it touched into several groups of friends, from current co-workers, past co-workers, high school friends, and more current friends. The consensus seemed to be the food there is crap, but their claim to fame are their extensive beverage choices, which unfortunately are nearly all high sugar choices and because of my new low sugar lifestyle, are pretty much off limits. I didn’t mind the food, I didn’t think it was anything to write home about, but was certainly adequate. To me it was just a novelty of the visit to a drive-in which made it a fun experience. It made me nostalgic for the old A&W Drive-Ins in Canada from my early childhood. Even still it was fun to see a visit to Sonic sparked a bit of discussion on my Facebook page.

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