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SmartiesMy good friend Liesbeth was very kind to bring me back a tube of Nestlé Smarties from the Netherlands when she attended the International ABBA Fan Club’s Annual ABBA Day in Roosendaal back in April. I was unable to attend myself this year, and I had asked if she would be so kind as to bring me back some Smarties from her trip. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, sometimes it’s good to get a little bit of the goodies you grew up on, but aren’t available in the area you currently live. In this case, a tube of Smarties candies which are available in several countries, just not the United States.

As Liesbeth returned and presented me with the tube of Smarties, I was within my first couple of weeks on the Belly Fat Cure program by Jorge Cruise. So I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the whole tube in a single sitting or even spreading it out to two or three sittings. I wasn’t sure of the exact sugar content as the Dutch nutrition labeling didn’t quite give me the information I was looking for, so I peeked at Nestlé’s website in Canada to see what the Canadian version of Smarties had for sugar content and basically, in order to enjoy this tube of Smarties, I was going to have to limit myself to about five pieces a day. Which I was perfectly willing to do in order to enjoy my Smarties and be compliant with the Belly Fat Cure program.

For those unfamiliar with Smarties (for example, Americans) they are essentially Nestlé’s equivalent to plain chocolate M&M’s except they’re filled with Nestlé’s chocolate which I think tastes a little bit sweeter. The exteriors are the same kind of candy coated shells which I also think are slightly thicker than the M&M’s as there definitely is a clearly visible layer of the white candy shell underneath the coloring when you bite into one.

So at a few tiny pieces a day (and several days where I didn’t have any), the tube that Liesbeth had brought me just before the end of April has lasted until the last week of July. Not bad for a single tube of candies. Back in my old days where I ate larger quantities of sugar, I doubt the tube would have lasted a whole day much less three months.

The lesson here for those interested in the Belly Fat Cure, is that you don’t ever have to deny yourself anything you want, you just have to be willing to have less of it in one sitting if it is a high sugar item. In the end, I’ve really enjoyed taking three months to enjoy this tube of Smarties candies. I’ve gotten to savor the flavor over a much longer period of time and it’s definitely felt more gratifying. Sure five little candies a day isn’t much, but at the same time dropping just shy of fifty pounds in the same time, I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all. In fact, the five candies were enough to satisfy my desire for the taste of Smarties and allow me to enjoy my day, and then when I was ready to enjoy the taste again. And I just finished with the Dutch Smarties just in time for the Smarties I ordered from Canada to arrive. So I’m sure I’ve got the next three months covered as well.

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