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iPhone OS 3.0 SoftwareI’ve had a few days to test drive the new iPhone Operating System (OS) on my iPod Touch and it’s been fun and interesting trying out the new software. I am currently on the Beta 4 version of the software which was released about a week ago.

So far, the new features like the search and being able to cut and paste have been pretty cool but for me seems to be of limited use my iPod Touch is primarily an iPod. I don’t manage a contact database on it, and I use it for rather limited Internet use, like some web browsing and checking e-mail. A detailed list of features being added can be found by clicking here.

I’ve really been impressed with the new and improved maps application. It now provides turn by turn directions and can even map you routes for a car, walking, and bus routes. Granted the bus routes have some limited application in terms of distances covered. They even allow easy access to Google’s street view images. I’ve been playing with that a little bit. Really nicely improved tool. Also the music player has been improved slightly in that the slider for the position in the song works a little more easily and they’ve improved how it handles audio books, such as a feature to repeat the last 30 seconds in place of the Genius logo.

Although, my experience with the OS have been good overall it’s not been without a couple of issues. First off, they’ve really fucked with the ability to find songs in the music player application when trying to build an On-The-Go playlist. Gone are any ways to quickly jump to further letters in the alphabet without endless scrolling. Sure, a search feature has been added, but that involves typing. Right now its now a complete pain in the ass to add “Waterloo” to an On The Go playlist. Also I’ve not been able to get Pandora to work at all with the 3.0 beta software. The application loads fine, but it seems to never be able to load or play any of the stations. I miss Pandora!!! And I’ve been most upset with the OS crashing when I finished a couple of my workouts with the Nilke+ application. The while iPod locks up and I’ve had to reinstall the OS when I hit the button to end my workout a couple of times. So I’ve completely lost the data from those workouts. Not happy about that. But it’s beta software so you have to expect some bugs.

Now if we could just get Pandora working again and the Nike+ issue resolved first, I would be extremely happy with the new 3.0 OS. Special thanks to Hadrian Canida for helping me get the OS 3.0 Beta

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