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Read Robert Kiyosaki’s New Book “Conspiracy Of The Rich” For Free

Robert Kiyosaki - Conspiracy Of The RichRobert Kiyosaki, best known as the Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” would like you to read his new book, “Conspiracy Of The Rich: The 8 New Rules Of Money.” And he would like to allow you the chance to read it for free at ConspiracyOfTheRich.com. The only stipulation is that you have to read it online, and it’s only available to be read online within the next two weeks before it’s pulled off the internet and sent to the publisher to be printed into a book you can purchase this fall.

Why is Robert doing this? Well he wants feedback on ways to make the book better. You have the opportunity to discuss the book in an online forum as well as suggest ways to improve it so that the book will offer the best way to communicate the information in it. Those contributions that get used will even received a thank you credit in the final book. More importantly its an opportunity to build your financial education so that you can feel empowered in the current economy. It’s a wake up call for those who are blindly expecting President Obama to fix their lives, you need to educate yourself and fix your own economy.

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The Wealth Creator Source Is A Good Investment

Wealth Creator SourceRaymond Aaron, the creator of the Monthly Mentor program that I’ve been a part of for the last couple years, also produces a series of monthly interviews with experts in wealth creation called “The Wealth Creator Source.” During these interviews, Raymond discovers what each expert has learned in their process of becoming an expert and these experts help share their tips and suggestions on how the listener can find success in their own lives.

Raymond has interviewed the likes of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki as well as many of the teachers found in “The Secret” including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Bill Harris, John Assaraf, and Marci Shimoff. He’s also interviewed folks like Randall Blaum (a debt debt dumping expert), Shelley Lefkoe (an expert on removing limiting beliefs), and Jock Wishart (an expert on achieving extraordinary results). Raymond has interviewed experts in fields such as Entrepreneurship, Money Management, Business Values, Success, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Spritual & Personal Growth, Motivation, Networking, Real Estate, Communications, Creativity, and Health & Wellness.

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