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Getting Bad Customer Service? Retaliate With A YouTube Music Video Like David Carroll Did With United Airlines

David CarrollWe’ve all had bad customer service experiences, and in most cases when you bring it to the company’s attention that caused the bad experience, they do their best to try and retain you as a customer and provide some form of resolution. Well David Carroll, attempted in good faith to get resolution from United Airlines when his Taylor guitar was damaged by careless baggage handlers at Chicago’s O’Hare who were seen by passengers on the plane tossing the checked guitar case around. After months of conversations back and forth with various people at the airline and the airlines flat out refusal to correct the error on their part, David Carroll has decided to take matters into his own hands and creatively deal with the situation.

David ended his final conversation with United Airlines with a pledge to write and produce three songs and make videos for each song and release them out to the public so that the world would learn about what United had done. The first song and video entitled “United Breaks Guitars” is available for viewing on YouTube and I’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure. The second song has been written but the video has not yet been made and the third song will be coming according to the report on David Carroll’s website describing the story of his bad experience with United. To read about David’s dealings with United, click here to visit David Carroll’s blog.

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The Wealth Creator Source Is A Good Investment

Wealth Creator SourceRaymond Aaron, the creator of the Monthly Mentor program that I’ve been a part of for the last couple years, also produces a series of monthly interviews with experts in wealth creation called “The Wealth Creator Source.” During these interviews, Raymond discovers what each expert has learned in their process of becoming an expert and these experts help share their tips and suggestions on how the listener can find success in their own lives.

Raymond has interviewed the likes of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki as well as many of the teachers found in “The Secret” including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Bill Harris, John Assaraf, and Marci Shimoff. He’s also interviewed folks like Randall Blaum (a debt debt dumping expert), Shelley Lefkoe (an expert on removing limiting beliefs), and Jock Wishart (an expert on achieving extraordinary results). Raymond has interviewed experts in fields such as Entrepreneurship, Money Management, Business Values, Success, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Spritual & Personal Growth, Motivation, Networking, Real Estate, Communications, Creativity, and Health & Wellness.

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