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Stevia Extract In The RawThe kind folks at Cumberland Packaging, the makers of Sugar In The Raw, sent me some samples of the Stevia Extract In The Raw product. As someone who’s been on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program since April, I’ve been actively replacing sugar with a lot of alternative products, such as Truvia, and PureVia.

One of the big challenges is trying to find good natural substitutes for sugar, unlike the popular “packet” type sugar alternatives you usually find offered everywhere such as saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose all of which are toxic man-made chemicals. Stevia is a great alternative but I’ve only tried it when it’s blended with a sugar alcohol such Erythritol, as is in the case of both Truvia and PureVia. Those brands say that they combine the sugar alcohol with the stevia to help remove the bitterness of plain stevia. So I was a bit hesitant to try plain stevia.

So when I saw the opportunity to have the makers of Stevia Extract In The Raw to send me some samples, I thought it was a great opportunity to do so. I was following them on Twitter and they were offering samples to their Twitter followers. They saw on my profile that I am a bit of a blackjack expert so they asked me a blackjack question before sending me the samples.

What arrived was more than I was expecting. I received a box that had a full sized unopened box as well as several sample packets that contain two packets, an information card along with a coupon. They really exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure if the full box was a thanks for the blackjack advice or if they send one to everyone, but I definitely appreciate the opportunity to try the product.

And I am very pleased to say I found it to be quite good. I didn’t detect any bitterness that has been reported about plain stevia products. It tasted just as good as Truvia does and I will definitely enjoy using the samples and buying the product in the future. If you’re interested in giving Stevia Extract In The Raw a try, visit their webpage by clicking here and follow them on Twitter to get your own samples.

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  1. Hi, I have been using stevia extract from Trader Joes since 2009 and I love it. My taste buds may be messed up but I don’t find it bitter at all and I love the hint of licorice. Anyway I drink a quart of green tea sweetened with 8 servings of stevia every day. I’m starting the FT program today and I’m wondering if I can continue to use the stevia in the same way. I know with Truvia you have count the carbs and therefore would not be able to have 8, the extract has no carbs. What say you 🙂

  2. Hi Di,

    Thank you for your comment and question. No I have not asked the Stevia Extract In The Raw folks about the Maltodextrin. I actually prefer Truvia so I do not use Stevia Extract in the Raw that often. I don’t a problem with their product and think its good, but just prefer the taste of Truvia.


  3. I have been using Stevia Extract in the Raw also,
    same response as you, but what I don’t care for is the filler they use Maltodextrin to cut the sweetness to measure cup for cup with sugar and not change the taste.
    Did you ever ask them about that?…. Hardly “In the Raw”

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