Sharing My Success On The Belly Fat Cure With Jorge Cruise

Ryan Cameron With Jorge Cruise - July 14 2009Twelve weeks ago, when I first met Jorge Cruise, I was 47 pounds heavier and 10 inches bigger around my belly. I had read in the Costco Connection magazine that Jorge was looking for 100 participants to take part in his Belly Fat Cure challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to find testimonial cases for the program when it officially launches either in December of this year or January of 2010. Jorge had previously done a couple of local based testimonial case groups through San Diego Magazine, and the Costco Connection was the third and final group to get the chance to preview the materials before it gets officially finalized for the launch.

I had submitted my name and a couple of shirtless photos that I wasn’t too proud of along with my application to the program and a hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised to not only be selected to be part of this group which would meet online weekly for the duration of the challenge, but I was also selected to be part of a smaller group of San Diego based Costco members that got invited to Jorge’s office to personally get introduced to the program. Unfortunately, Jorge’s busy schedule prevented more than one additional in person group meeting with him, but it was still an honor to be selected.

Fast forward twelve weeks and I’ve not only shed the 47 pounds and 10 inches off my belly, but I have adopted a whole new lifestyle. The Belly Fat Cure is a program that not only works, it works really well. I’ve been strictly been following the program which limits my sugar intake to no more than 15 grams of sugar and 6 carbohydrate servings per day. This magic formula has been the key to my success with the program. To more fully understand why 15/6 as a Sugar/Carb combination is the key, download the free special report from It’s only going to be there until the book is released, then you’ll have to buy the book to get the information that you can get for free right now.

One of the nice surprises that Jorge offered us at the conclusion of the Costco 100 program is the opportunity to preview the book and the chance to offer some feedback to help improve the book before it is finalized. He has some hard copy versions printed up, and since I’m local, I asked if it would be okay if I could stop in personally and pick one up instead of having it mailed. And since it was okay to do so, I went on down to meet up with Jorge and the wonderful fantastic coordinator who’s helped all of us in the Costco group since day one, Kim Barry. Kim was part of one of the San Diego magazine groups and you’ll see her story in the finished book.

Ryan Cameron With Kim BarryKim was the first person I saw when I opened the door to Jorge’s offices and it was a wonderful reunion. Kim, of course, has been following my progress through the program every week as I had been sending in weekly updates chronicling every step of the way. As many of my faithful blog readers know, I tend to write quite a bit and so Kim has gotten a ringside seat to my discoveries and setbacks as the weight had just fallen off rapidly in some weeks and slowed to a crawl in other weeks. She offered lots of great advice and even pointed out the fact Hershey’s even makes a sugar free chocolate chip, where I immediately ran down to the store that had them and bought out their entire supply.

Then a quick stop inside Jorge’s office where I got to chat with Jorge about how phenomenal I think his program is and how it’s literally changed my life and I’m now enjoying a great lifestyle that I am very happy to have adopted in my life. I got a couple of pictures with Jorge, including one with a giant mock up of the book cover and Jorge wanted to shoot a quick little video with his iPhone that was uploaded to YouTube and the link to it was sent out to all of Jorge’s twitter followers. I’ve put the video below if you’d like to check it out. I offer my number one tip to my success on the program so check it out below.

I still have a lot more weight I want to lose, but thanks to Jorge Cruise, I am now happily on the program that’s been working wonderfully for me. It’s amazing to think that there is 17 percent less of the Ryan Cameron who first set foot in Jorge’s office in April. And there will be even less of that Ryan when the program finally gets released to the public and the book hits the bookstores.

It was great to say hello again to Jorge and to be one of the first clients to get a copy of a printed preview draft of the book. It’s loaded with some very exciting recipes that I want to try. This book is going to be amazing and I can’t wait for the world to see it when its released.

I also want to give special thanks to my coaching mentor, Raymond Aaron, who’s Monthly Mentor program has been a big part of my success. Earlier this year he taught me a very valuable lesson about how to find mentors for specific goals and one of my goals was weight loss, and sure enough I found the article in the Costco Connection about Jorge Cruise shortly after getting that lesson. There have been many interesting coincidences along the way of getting into the program that I am absolutely convinced I was meant to be in Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program and Raymond Aaron deserves a lot of the credit for everything he’s taught me so far about the Law of Attraction.

I didn’t honestly think the first mentor I would find for my many goals would be my weight loss mentor, but as I’ve gone through the program and found the success to be a very easy process. It seems the reason Jorge Cruise became my first mentor is into my life is to show me that all my goals are easily achievable with the right pieces of information. I’m unstoppable and success will come quickly and easily to me, in all my goals, not just the weight loss goals.

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  1. Hey Ryan,
    I see this was written over a year ago and I am just wondering how your doing with this new lifestyle nd if you have lost all of the weight you wanted to.

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