Seeing Election For The First Time

ElectionLast night I got together with some friends for what we call “Economy DVD Night” where we get together at the host’s home in order to view a DVD of a preselected movie. It essentially serves as an excuse to get together more often by not always choosing to meet out at restaurants and having to spend a bunch of money just for the sake of getting together.

The rules of Economy DVD night are simple:
1. Everyone eats on their own beforehand… don’t bring anything.
2. Come as you are, even if you’re in work clothes or sweats.
3. The host will provide the basics: movie, drinks and a snack.
4. After the movie, everyone cleans-up after themselves (then gets out of the hosts’ hair!)

Last night’s host, my friend Jason Murillo, decided to feature the movie “Election” featuring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. I had never seen the movie before. To be honest, when it was originally released, I thought the trailer looked the kind of movie I wouldn’t enjoy. Reese wasn’t yet the major star she is today, and it just looked like retreading high school memories which I certainly didn’t want to do at the time. And I don’t consider myself enough of a Matthew Broderick fan for his presence in a movie to get me to see it. But since Jason stated the movie is one of his all time favorite movies and it is a black comedy, I thought why not come check it out.

Despite the rules not bring anything, I contacted Jason beforehand to see if it would be okay if I brought some of my Nanaimo Bars to share with everyone, and he said, sure. They ended up being a hit. Jason didn’t believe me that they’re sugar free and was calling me an “enabler” for bringing such a sweet dessert. I assured him that they were completely guilt free. All the others who were at the party thought they were really good too.

As for the movie, I loved it. I couldn’t believe how great it was. It had so many fantastic lines and funny scenes, I may have to get a copy of this movie for myself. It was awesome. The irony of Matthew Broderick playing a high school teacher when he is so well known for his role as the ultimate high school student slacker in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” A lot of the characters walked right into the bad situations they found themselves in so it was a little difficult to find sympathy for them, but sympathy wasn’t required to enjoy their situations. Reese did an amazing job and Chris Kline was also quite good.

I love dark comedies and one of my favorites is “Muriel’s Wedding” and I think “Election” was just as good as “Muriel’s Wedding.” The characters go to hell and back in the course of the story as it unfolds in both movies and leave the audience in stitches in from the misery the characters go through but ultimately they learn something in the process and end up possibly in a better place than they were when we met them at the start of the movie.

Many thanks to Jason Murillo as host of the Economy DVD Night for not only hosting but introducing me to a great movie. For Jason and others interested in the recipe to the Nanaimo Bars I brought that night, click here.



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