Ryan’s Incredible World Now With A Mobile Version

Ryan's Incredible World - Mobile VersionOne of the latest additions to my blog site is plugin that automatically generates a mobile version of the website for mobile phone browsers. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t require pointing people to a different URL. My site is now able to automatically detect if you’re on a mobile phone and will show the version optimized for mobile phones.

The new mobile version presents my blog in an easier to read version for mobile phones. Instead of showing a zoomed out version of the main page with microscopic text when you first visit RyansIncredibleWorld.com, the new mobile version presents the ten most recent blog entries on the main page showing just the title, date of the blog entry, and the image that I lead the entry off with. All you have to do to read an entry is click on the title of the blog entry and it’ll take you to a mobile version. In order to keep the bandwidth per page down, the blog entries are broken down into multiple smaller pages of text to allow for easier downloading in smaller chunks of data. The blog entries will also allow you to check out the comments and even write your own comments. And there is even a search box so you can find your favorite entries. And there’s even an option to switch to the regular web version of the blog if you want to view it as the blog appears normally.

In addition to the new mobile version, I’ve added a couple of new features to the web version of the site as well. All the new features are accessible off the sidebar The RSS Feed has been enhanced by FeedBurner and features the graphics that accompany my blog entries in addition to the text. For those of you with an Amazon Kindle, I’ve made it easier to subscribe to the Kindle Edition of my blog. Just click on the photo of the Kindle on in the sidebar to subscribe. And if you’re a member of Google’s FriendsConnect tool, you can now join my site and be featured on the main page too.

Check out the new features in the sidebar and check out the site on your mobile phone. I would love to hear your feedback on the new options. Just leave feedback below in the comments section.



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