Ryan’s Incredible World – Amazon Kindle Edition Now Available

Ryan's Incredible World Kindle EditionAmazon Kindle Owners can now take Ryan’s Incredible World with them to read on their Kindle devices. Amazon recently approved the publishing of this blog in a format compliant with their Kindle devices. All that’s needed is an Amazon Kindle and a monthly subscription. Amazon currently has my blog priced at a monthly subscription price of 99 cents, a great bargain to cover the wireless delivery of every new blog entry as they become available. Click here to sign up for Ryan’s Incredible World, the Kindle Edition.

Unfortunately, at this time, the Kindle version only works on Kindle devices, the Kindle applications for iPhone and iPod Touch do not yet work with blog subscriptions. If you’re interested in purchasing an Amazon Kindle, they’ve recently had a price reduction to $299.00 for the regular size model and $489.00 for the DX (larger sized) model. Click here to visit Amazon’s Kindle Store.



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