Running Update With Nike+ February 2009

As February comes to a close I wanted to give a little status update on my running progress. February was a fairly good month, I was able to get in 37.45 miles run. I have burned approximately 7766 calories in 8 hours and 23 minutes worth of running. With an average pace of 13 and 25 seconds per mile. I started the month running two miles per session and ended the month doing the same but pushing my fastest speed up during the run to make it a little more challenging. I also attempted a couple of days doing three mile runs, where I would do the standard two mile run, with the quarter mile cool down before ramping the speed back up for another three quarters of a mile before cooling down again and ending the three mile runs.

As I didn’t do an update on January’s results, I’ll share those here as well. In January, I managed to run 41.67 miles, with 8636 calories burned in a total run time of 10 hours and 41 minutes and an average pace of 15 minutes and 22 seconds per mile. January started out with runs lasting a mile and a half per session and ended with mile and three-quarter runs.

I took a few more rest days in February than I did in January because I developed some shin splints and have been battling some pain with the running that wasn’t present when I did the runs in January. I may ultimately try getting some of the Nike+ shoes to see if that helps ease the pain. In fact, I intended to do my two miles today but had to cut it short at 1.35 miles due to heavy pain in my shins and some cramping which was just making it unbearable to run.

The plus side is that a lot of my clothes have begun to feel looser than it had before. On the “jeans day” for work, the jeans I have, I haven’t put on since I started my running and they were considerably looser than the last time I had them on. It does feel good.

I like that the running has become a habit, but honestly, I still dislike doing it. I just try to look forward to it as a chance to listen to some music while I run so that I can get through it. I did get tired of picking a new playlist everyday, so I put together a playlist of approximately 30 songs and let the iPod pick the songs at random for the run. So it is always a surprise as to which songs will come up in the ten or so songs that will play during my run.

One of the things I’m excited about is that I’m about 2 runs away from hitting 100 miles since I started tracking the miles with the Nike Sensor and my iPod. Technically, I’m already past the mark as I started my running program about two weeks before I started tracking it on my iPod. I have also joined a couple of challenges on the website, so that I can have a few other ways to measure my progress. If you also run with a Nike Sensor and iPod, I’d love to start a challenge with you, please leave a comment below or find me on Facebook and send me a note.

If you’re interested in getting your own system, you don’t need an iPod Touch, the Nike+ system is also compatible with most generations of the iPod Nano. If you do get an iPod Nano to try the Nike+ system, you will need the kit that includes the wireless receiver that attaches to the docking port on your iPod in addition to the sensor. And of course, there’s also the fun iPod Touch if you’re interested in that route as well. Below are some links to that will get you what you need if you want to join me in my journey to better health and fitness.



2 thoughts on “Running Update With Nike+ February 2009”

  1. Hey Ryan – impressed with your running routine! You must have lost a few lbs by now – let us know your progress in weight if you want. It could be the inspiration I need!

  2. Hi Ice,

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I would love to share the weight results but I don’t own a scale. So best I can give at the moment as a gauge for my progress is that my clothes feel loose, and I’ve even been able to wear a few T-shirts that I set aside because I didn’t like how they felt while wearing them. So all good signs of progress.

    Thanks again for writing in.


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