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April was a phenomenal month, much better than even I could have expected. The month did get off to a slow start with a couple of really painful days that cause a few days off from the running on the treadmill and getting my taxes finished took a couple of days away from the running as well, but the second half of the month, I just stepped it up a notch and finished the month exceeding even my expectations.

As my blog readers already know, I purchased some new Nike running shoes in the last week and they’ve make the biggest difference in the world in my running. I never would have believed what a difference it could make had I not experienced it myself. A friend of mine, Antonio Roderick, recommended getting sized for running shoes and I picked Road Runner Sports to get sized for new shoes. Their evaluation of my feet determined I have high arches and and overpronate when I run, so I should pick shoes from the “Stability” category of running shoes and $70 bucks later, I had some new shoes that feel so much more supportive of my feet, and having done a few runs in them now, have relieved me of all the pain I’ve endured the last couple of months. Sounds like $70 well spent to me.

Now for the statistics as tracked by the Nike+ sensor in my shoe and my iPod Touch. In the month of April, I ran 51.29 miles which is definitely a personal best for me. If you’re familiar with Raymond Aaron’s “MTO” (Minimum, Target, Outrageous) Goal Setting strategy, my plan for the month was 30 miles, 35 miles, and 40 miles. So 50 miles was an extremely outrageous achievement for me. Since March resulted in a total of 43.88 miles, I ran 7.41 miles more than March. I would definitely attribute that to the new shoes because I ran on a couple of days I would have taken off in the last week had it not been for the pain free running the new shoes have given me.

The 51.29 miles of April got completed in 9 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds. I also had an average pace during the month of 11 minutes and 17 seconds. March’s total of 43.88 got done in 9 hours 10 minutes and 16 seconds at an average pace of 12 minutes and 32 seconds. While more time was spent running in April, an additional 7.41 miles were run in the extra 29 minutes and 19 seconds. I’m quite pleased with this progress, especially since I’d usually be able to get close to 2 & 1/2 miles in that much time at my current pace. And this was the first time I broke over 10,000 calories burned. I burned 10,519 calories this month compared to the 9,038 last month.

Again, the shoes made a huge difference. It seemed like all the setbacks went away once I had real running shoes designed for people who run like I do. I will never again think Nike shoes are a complete rip off, the science behind it was well worth the pain relief. Repeat with me my new mantra, “I will only buy shoes designed for my style of running.” Not only did they help relieve pain, I was able to increase the speed I was running at, and even ran longer. Who knew shoes could be so important.

If you’re interested in getting your own system, you don’t need an iPod Touch, the Nike+ system is also compatible with most generations of the iPod Nano. If you do get an iPod Nano to try the Nike+ system, you will need the kit that includes the wireless receiver that attaches to the docking port on your iPod in addition to the sensor. And of course, there’s also the fun iPod Touch if you’re interested in that route as well. Below are some links to that will get you what you need if you want to join me in my journey to better health and fitness.

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  1. Hi Raymond,

    Thank you so much for checking out my running progress. Your MTO technique has been a wonderful way to transform my goal setting and achievements. If you like this post, you’ll love the news in my latest post, available here:


  2. Dear Ryan …

    I am so glad to hear of your running successes. And, thank you for mentioning my MTO™ goal-setting technique. I appreciate your reference. And, I’m your biggest fan. Keep running.

    Raymond Aaron

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