Roxy Monoxide Rocks The Beauty Bar For CD Pre-Release Party

Roxy Monoxide Beauty BarOne of my favorite local bands, Roxy Monoxide, announced they were going to have a pre-release party for the CD entitled “Another Day, Another Episode” at San Diego’s Beauty Bar located near the intersection of El Cajon Blvd. and Euclid Ave.

Having never been to the Beauty Bar, I looked them up online and comes to find out they are a chain of locations with Beauty Bar’s in a variety of cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Austin, and Brooklyn. They seem to have quite the concept. In style reminiscent of a 1950’s or 1960’s style beauty salon, it’s a full service bar. Think “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease crossed with alcohol and you’ll get the idea. Go to the bar and get your martini and sit under an old style salon hair dryer. Let’s just say, the B-52’s would never look out of place here. (Check out the photos of the venue here.)

San Diego’s Beauty Bar consists of a main bar area and a tented performance space in behind the bar that is connected via a roll door. It definitely wasn’t the most modern looking venue, but I liked the them of it. You have to appreciate the double meaning of calling the place the Beauty Bar, as it was certainly a bar in the alcohol sense of the world, and wouldn’t have been out of place with bar as in bar of soap. Personally I’m surprised the venue isn’t in Hillcrest.

Roxy Monoxide invited Bumbershoot to be their opening act for the evening. I quite enjoyed Bumbershoot and was surprised to see their lead singer was Miff Laracy, someone I used to work with at Document Sciences. Bumbershoot were quite good, I enjoyed them as well. Their music which they describe as Americana/Folk/Blues Rock on their MySpace music page is an apt description. (Click here to visit Bumbershoot on MySpace.) It was definitely a blend of styles and quite good. I especially liked the song they said was inspired by the movie “Capote” and the book it was based on. Having not seen nor read the book, I may have to check out at least the movie.

RoxyMonoxide Another Day, Another EpisodeRoxy Monoxide also possesses a member of the band that I used to work with a Document Sciences. That member is Scott Samuels, who used to be my boss. I started attending his shows while I worked for the company and quite enjoyed them every time I’ve come to see them. But with my current line of work, I work nights on weekends so I don’t often get the chance to make it to their shows anymore, so it was a welcome treat to see a Wednesday night performance so that I could attend. Plus, the group has a new singer, Coree Levy, since the last time I saw them, so it was going to be a treat to see this time around.

Once Roxy Monoxide took the stage, it was very clear they’ve become a lot more polished since the last time I saw them. It was great. There were a lot of new songs I hadn’t heard before as well as a couple of favorite ones from the past I enjoyed. There was great camaraderie on stage which also played well as banter between the songs with the audience. Lots of fun. A testament to the fine skills of Coree Levy, Scott Samuels, Scott Southwood, Dave Gladish, and Darko Petrovic.

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to see Ernie Orosco again. He’s someone who’s a friend of Scott’s and I’ve seen him at many of the past times I’ve seen Roxy Monoxide. We reminisced about this song he came in and did for the Document Sciences company event prior to the launch of its then new product called xPression. We had a good laugh about that. I had forgotten about it. It was fun.

And the show would not be complete without an opportunity to present the album. Roxy Monoxide’s album “Another Day, Another Episode” is available digitally from the iTunes store. It’s available on CD at and available both digitally and on CD from Click on each of the store names to visit pages for each of the various stores. You can also hear a couple of songs in their entirety on Roxy Monoxide’s MySpace page. Check them out, they are really good and be sure to catch them performing here in San Diego, they are a fun band to see.



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