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As a dealer in a casino, I get to see people win and lose money on a daily basis. I often get asked advice on how to play many of the games that I deal and more often I get asked how to win. In Blackjack in particular, I get asked constantly how to win. Well I don’t have a foolproof way to win every time, I do have advice that will help you cut your losses tremendously. Don’t play the game for money without understanding the game.

The city of Las Vegas, especially the Las Vegas strip, is a shrine to the power of gambling without strategy. What do you think builds those exciting casino resorts? Its the people who go there, don’t understand the games they’re playing and walk away with empty wallets.

Most people walk up to the game of blackjack and think it’s basically 50/50 odds, you basically win or lose. While technically on each hand, that is true, your bet will either, win or lose or tie, but it’s the rules of the game that alter the odds and give the casino (called the “house”) over you as the player. For example, you must always play out your hand before the house plays out its own hand. If you bust, you automatically lose and the house doesn’t have to play out its hand.

Even if you played perfect basic strategy, the house odds are still against you, but less so than if you don’t play to any strategy. What most people don’t know is that not all blackjack games are the same. The rules differ from game to game and some are more advantageous than others to play. It’s your responsibility to know that one of the worst blackjack games in the casino is a single deck blackjack game that only pays 6 to 5 odds (pays you $6 for every $5 bet) for a blackjack instead of 3 to 2 (pays you $7.50 for every $5 bet). The game is so bad that in a statistically average round of playing $10 a hand, 100 hands per hour, a blackjack player can expect to lose $14 per hour on 6 to 5 blackjack versus only $1.80 per hour on a single deck 3 to 2 blackjack game, and $2.60 on a six-deck shoe 3 to 2 blackjack game according to a November 13, 2003 article in the Las Vegas Sun.

While everyone knows that gambling is basically hoping that you’ll beat the odds and walk away a winner. But few know that it actually is possible in Blackjack to reverse the odds and have an advantage over the house. It is possible to gain a 1.97% advantage over the house. This may not sound like much, but when one of the worst games for you to play, American Roulette (Roulette with both a 0 and a 00 on the wheel) has a 5.26% advantage over the player and the average nickel slot machine has a 15.2% advantage over the player, getting any advantage over the house, is huge.

For a rough guide on the house advantage of various casino games click here, do keep note that the odds are based on typical Las Vegas rules, and doesn’t take into account specific variations as determined by each individual casino. As you’ll see, for most table games offer fairly small house advantages. There are specific “sucker bets” (usually bonus type bets) that offer greater house advantages, but overall, you’ll see Blackjack is the game that offers you the best chance of minimizing the house’s advantage.

Well how do we go about shifting the advantage from the casino to the player in Blackjack? It takes knowledge and education. And the last thing you want to do is learn the hard way by losing your shirt at the tables. That method is very expensive. I’ve found an option that teaches you what you need to know. It teaches you how to count cards, when to split and double down, and how to pick the table you should play at, and how to stay under the radar so you don’t get excluded from casinos as an Advantage Player. And it only costs a tiny fraction of what you could easily lose at a Blackjack table without this information.

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The information normally sells for $295 (U.S. Dollars) but for a limited time it’s being offered for $67. There is a 60 day money back guarantee on the information, so you have plenty of opportunity to read it, practice with it, then take it to a real casino to try your luck. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

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And one great way to help practice, is to get some playing cards, and used playing cards from real casinos are a great bargain as the playing cards are much better quality than the ones you buy in supermarkets, Wal-Mart stores, Target stores. Plus it helps get you familiar with how casino cards look. In fact, if you get cards from the casino you want to play in, you help yourself when you practice getting ready to play. Find them on eBay below.



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