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KFC Grilled ChickenToday Oprah Winfrey partnered up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to offer the nation a 2-piece Grilled Chicken Meal with 2 side items for free. The catch is you have to download the coupon today between 9:00 am and 9:59 pm Central time. The coupon remains valid everyday until the 19th with the exception of May 10th due to Mother’s Day. (Do you really want to treat your mother to KFC for Mother’s Day?)

The information about the promotion is available at Oprah’s site by clicking here. The promotion originally required visitors to download the coupon by first going to and it would provide a link to where it would allow you to print a single coupon that’s individualized with a barcode so each coupon could only be used once. Well the site powering it requires the installation of a proprietary coupon printing software so you can’t save the coupon, but only print it immediately.

Well due to the high demand, that idea turned into a complete cluster-fuck. The site was bombarded and non-functional that the Oprah folks resorted to posting a PDF of a coupon on their site and KFC ended up changing the link to go back to Oprah’s site instead. So hurry to Oprah’s site to get your copy of the PDF coupon before it gets taken down! Might as well try a Grilled Chicken meal for free. Click here to get to Oprah’s site. And just in case the link to the PDF goes down (but it’s still on the site, the direct link to the PDF is available by clicking here.

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  1. Agreed. It wasn’t handled well by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Damn, that sucks… They should have thought about the high demand before they started giving away free meals… dumbasses!

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