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Oprah KFC BucketAfter what a complete pain in the rear it was to even get a copy of the coupon in the first place, now KFC had decided to not honor the coupons at all. Instead what they are doing is having you exchange the coupon for a rain check form where you can attach the original coupon and mail it in, or give it to the store manager and they will send it in for you, and KFC will mail you a new coupon, that not only has the original deal, but this time includes a free Pepsi beverage.

As I mentioned in my blog post the other day about the process of getting a coupon in the first place, this cluster fuck has basically turned into a public relations nightmare, because not only were some locations (mostly franchisee locations) refusing to honor the coupons (fair enough, coupon does say participating locations), but the company pulls the plug on them despite the May 19th expiration date. And that doesn’t even include how angry the PETA folks that are all about animal abuse are at Oprah Winfrey for even being involved in such a giveaway. Just goes to show you can’t please everyone all of the time.

Probably my favorite thing I’ve seen in regards to this was a comment on one site where the person who made it was criticizing everyone who downloaded a coupon and either claimed it or attempted to claim it was greedy and selfish for not giving the coupon to a homeless person. Keep in mind this person also said that’s what he or she would have done had they have known about the coupon offer. So needless to say, the jerkoff who didn’t get a coupon is criticizing those who did get one. Sounds like jealousy to me!!

In any case, when I went to attempt to redeem my coupon, the bitch at the counter was rude as could be about the whole coupon thing. I happened to have one printed on a black and white laser printer, not a color one, so she was giving me grief over the fact it might be copied. Well I assured her it wasn’t a copy, it was a legitimate coupon, and she still had to add a wisecrack “Well they won’t send you anything if its a copy.” So I said back, “Not everyone has a bloody color printer.” She was still pretty rude even though I still ordered and PAID for a meal.

Ordinarily I’ve gotten pretty good service from the Poway location, so I’ll let it slide. But sheesh, is it really necessary to mistreat a customer with a legitimate coupon for some free product (where I would have purchased an additional item or two anyway). Since when did it become a crime to redeem a coupon? Besides, since I first tried the Grilled Chicken, I’ve really liked it and have made more frequent visits to KFC than I ever have in the past, so I’m not entirely pleased with the rudeness I encountered at the the restaurant I went to.

So we’ll see if KFC actually makes good on their coupon deal, or maybe if the rude bitch at the counter in Poway is just tossing the coupons and rain check forms after the guests leave. In any case, I’m disappointed in KFC, and its a shame too because I do like the new grilled product, but I’m not impressed with how poorly I was treated as a customer (despite still making a purchase).

In any case, here’s what KFC’s President, Roger Eaton, had to say in a YouTube Video about the coupon/rain check offer.

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  1. I agree, coupons are great, when they are honored when presented, unlike at KFC.

  2. Evansvile Coupons says :

    There’s absolutely no reason not to use coupons. I’ve become very fond of them, especially lately with prices in the grocery skyrocketing. Why wouldn’t you use coupons, its like free money!

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