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I don’t normally write about social networking sites designed for dating purposes, so this is a little bit of an unusual entry for me. When I first felt comfortable enough to come out it was really the bear community that was the friendliest and most welcoming to me so naturally I felt it best to fit in with people who friendliest with me. Fast forward to today, most of my best local friends are members of the bear community and I have really enjoyed getting to know so many great people.

Recently a new site meant for bear community members to socialize has come on the scene called BearGrind and can be found at and it’s founding has occurred as a result of complaints addressed to the management and handling of another site. As I like my blog site to focus on the positive, I’ll leave you on your own to discover those complaints if you choose to find them, in any case, the newly born site that came online this month is rapidly growing everyday as the word gets out. I learned about it from a Twitter post by Brian Hill of the 619 Bearcast podcast and it seems he was one of the first in San Diego to learn about it.

The site owner of BearGrind is named Terrance and based out of Georgia. He’s been actively soliciting feedback and when I had a small issue he was really quick to not only acknowledge it, he had it solved in no time at all. He’s really working hard to create a great site that will meet the social interactive needs of the bear community and an opportunity for people to get to know each other. If you’re looking for a chance to meet some really nice people, sign up and say hello to someone near you. Who knows you might make a new friend or more.

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  1. Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for your post, time is certainly flying by! Stay tuned as we are preparing for a re-launch of BearGrind with a list of features we hope you’ll enjoy.

    Hope to see you soon!

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