My Semi-Annual Dental Cleaning

I just had my six month visit to the Dentist and I unfortunately have to report I have a cavity that needs to be filled. I’m not exactly looking forward to that as the process is never fun, but I suppose all in all it’s not too bad, I didn’t get my first cavity until well into my twenties. I think I was more traumatized by my first cavity where I had to cope with the fact my teeth were no longer perfect. I wasn’t too happy about that as I always had great teeth so I never really worried about it.

I then got a couple more cavities a couple of years later, and those ones were completely preventable on my part. I just have always been really stubborn about not liking to floss regularly so those cavities I’d formed were on the sides of my teeth right where they met up with my next tooth, so they were preventable, I just have a real problem getting into the habit of flossing daily. So I settled for doing it about once or twice a week. And that’s worked pretty well for the last few years. So when I went into the dentist for my routine cleaning this week I really wasn’t expecting to hear I had another cavity. Oh well, what can you do about it. So I’ll be going back into the Dentist to have that filled in mid January.

But I do like my dentist. I had originally picked the office because it was right across the street from the apartment complex I was in at the time. When I first started going there, it was under Dr. Weigel, but he had brought on Dr. Cutler to take over the practice when he retired. Once Dr. Weigel retired, Dr. Cutler changed the name of the practice to TLC Dental. I like the consistency because I usually have my routine cleanings with Marcia and the last time I was there, they really noticed my weight loss. Unfortunately this time, Marcia was not in the office the day I came in, so she wasn’t able to see how much more I’d lost since then, but hopefully she’ll be there to say hello to on the day I go in for my filling. (Marcia is the one immediately to the left of Dr. Cutler in the photo.)



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