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Belly Fat Cure Proudest MomentWhen I first met Jorge Cruise in April, one of the things I said to him was that one of my goals when I joined his Belly Fat Cure program was to be able to get on one of the smaller commuter planes and be able to latch my seat belt without having it stretched out to it’s widest point and still having to suck in my gut or contorting myself in such a way so that I could just get the belt latched. The reason why this is was a goal for me is because those 30 seater commuter planes have shorter seat belts than the ones you find in the bigger jet planes.

What I didn’t tell Jorge was one time I had to suffer the embarrassment of having to ask for a seat belt extension from the flight attendant one time because no matter how much I tried to suck in my gut, I still couldn’t get the seat belt latched when a few days before I was able to successfully do it. The flight attendant made no big deal about it but I was absolutely crushed and shamed. And if it wasn’t for the fact there were people around me that could see me, I probably would have shed a few tears over it at that moment too. I was extremely embarrassed by it.

Well despite having lost the inches and considerable weight this year thanks to Jorge’s Belly Fat Cure program, I hadn’t been on any flights. On September 22nd, I finally got my moment of truth with a commuter plane seatbelt. I was flying out of Carlsbad, California on the way to Los Angeles for an overnight flight to Washington, D.C. and another transfer in D.C., to Newark, New Jersey so I could attend the “Kristina” concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York.

And I was extremely proud of the fact, I was able to latch the belt without even having to extend it out to its largest position, it latched comfortably and I was able to pull it tight and still have lots of extra belt. I didn’t think to bring a tape measure to measure how much extra length on the strap that I haven’t had in more than 10 years, but I did fortunately remember to take a photograph of it with my cell phone. I had to position the belt with the excess strap extended out for it to be visible in the photograph so you have to excuse the possible rude connotations of the strap extending away from my lap. It was the proudest moment of my time on the Belly Fat Cure because I had achieved one of my most meaningful goals. I was so excited.

And of course on the larger plane for my ride to Washington, D.C. I had even more room on that seat belt because it happens to be larger than the ones found on the commuter planes. I hadn’t flown enough in the last year to keep my Premier status with United Airlines, so this was my first flight back in regular coach seats instead of the Economy Plus section with extra leg room, but it too offered another great moment because I was able to lower my tray table completely without it hitting what’s left of my belly. With the seat in front of me about 5 inches closer than it would have been in Economy Plus, I was still able to get the tray table down without it contacting my body, and that was not the case for me before in the Economy Plus section in the past.

I still have a lot more weight I want to shed, but I am extremely happy about having met the most emotionally charged goal I had for wanting success on the Belly Fat Cure. Thanks so much to Jorge Cruise for teaching me how to make the moment of being able to latch my commuter plane seat belt with excess strap to pull tight across my lap possible for me. The achievement of this goal empowers me to feel like I can accomplish anything.

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  1. Hi Laurel,

    I am enjoying the opportunity to respond to your comments as well. One and a 1/2 pounds when you only have 10 pounds to lose is good. That’s 15% of your weight loss goal. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but you’re on track. That’s good. You may not feel like you’ve made much progress, but you’re learning the process and discovering a whole new way to eat and change your life. Don’t be disappointed by that.

    The La Jolla Wine and Art walk will only be a challenge if you allow it to be. My advice would be bring program safe snacks with you, that way you can enjoy the samples of the wine and when you need to nibble on something you’ve got something you don’t need to worry about. That way its easy to control the portion and eliminates the challenge of it.

    Thanks for letting me know about the checkbook style diaries no longer being available. I never did use the ones I’ve got as a tracker for my program. I found it preferable to print out copies of it that were easier to carry. The the food guide portion of it was handy and I did use that for a week, but depending on whether or not your cellphone is able to show PDF files, you may be able to download the food list and store it on your phone for easy access. It contains far more food items than the checkbook style diaries ever did.


  2. Hi Ryan, I am enjoying our “chats”. I did weigh myself on Saturday and had lost 1 1/2 pounds. I will weigh again tomorrow when it has been two weeks. I am sad to say I do not feel any thinner and my clothes are not any looser!!! I only have 10 pounds to lose, so I know it will be slower than people who have a lot to lose, but I wish I could see some results. I have been sticking perfectly so I know that is not the problem. And no problem in the bathroom area! I will stick with it, but I hope I see some results soon. I will have a challenge this week as I am going to the La Jolla Wine and Art walk. Lots of wine sampling and food. We’ll see how that goes. I’m glad you have had such success. Are you close to your goal weight? I checked with Kim and they are not using the checkbook style diaries anymore. Laurel

  3. Hi Laurel,

    Since you’re here in San Diego too, your best option for finding Nature’s Hollow products will be at your local Henry’s Marketplace. They’ve recently added the Nature’s Hollow Products, including their line of sugar free preserves, syrups, and ketchup. They also have Nature’s Hollow Honey Alternative that Jorge recommends (but I’ve not tried this product myself). Also Whole Foods Market stores carry them. I’ve seen them at both the La Jolla and Hillcrest stores.

    You didn’t like Truvia eh? That’s a bummer. I quite like it. You may like the Stevia Extract in the Raw packets. I don’t know. Check them out on Twitter and you can request to have some samples of it sent to you so you can try it before buying it.

    I do not know if Jorge still produces any of the checkbook style food diaries. I was given one at the first in person meeting I had with Jorge however I never used it. It was handy to have because it had a smaller version of the food list that could be carried around, but I found I didn’t need to carry it with me once I got a better idea of what to count food items as. I used a printed PDF with checkboxes for the program very similar to what you have on the 12 week program. Mine just were an older style one where it was boxes instead circles to fill. And I had a new one for each day.

    Yes, I do feel much better with the weight I’ve lost. I used to feel a bit of pain in my knees. I just got used to the pain so didn’t really notice it much, but it’s gone now.

    I’m not so sure I would recommend waiting a whole month before doing a weigh in. You will see results on a weekly basis and that is generally what I did on the program. Plus it was definitely nice to see the contrast in how my clothes fit too. I enjoyed being able to wear t-shirts again I had hung up because I didn’t like how they fit. And it’s also nice to see those same shirts seem to hang closer to the ground on me than they used to such as fully covering my behind as opposed to hanging just below my waistline.

    Just keep up the work on the program and you’ll be seeing results to be proud of in no time at all.


  4. Hi Ryan, where did you get the Nature’s Hollow preserves? I bought some Truvia to put in my coffee with heavy cream. Yuck. It had such a bad after taste that I can still taste it. Not sure what I am going to do with a whole box of this stuff now. Do you know if Jorge still has those checkbook style food diary that he showed on one of his videos. Do you use them? It is amazing how much weight you have lost. I bet you feel so much better. Yesterday was my first full week on this program. I decided not to weigh. I think I might wait a month and just see how my clothes are fitting. I just get too hung up on the numbers.

  5. Hi Laurel,

    LOL! Thanks for wanting to tell me about the showing of the video I did with Jorge. Yes, I did see it live on the training session since Jorge and his staff kindly extended an invitation for me to participate in 12 week coaching program. Since that video I’ve lost another 20 pounds. At the time I first saw the video, I was extremely proud of the weight loss I had so far at that point. But now I look at the video and think how chunky I look in it compared to what I see in the mirror these days. I’m not being down on myself at all, the video serves as a milestone marker for me that I can look back at and see I’ve made additional progress since then and I’m sure I’ll be down even further by the time the Belly Fat Cure book comes out right after Christmas.

    Peanut Butter & Jelly can be quite a tasty combination. I just bought my first container of Nature’s Hollow sugar free preserves (the Mountain Berry flavor, which is a combination of berries) and was absolutely amazed. I don’t usually buy bread so I had no reason to get any preserves before now and wow, it’s amazing. I also have a container of Joseph’s Sugar Free peanut butter, but I don’t like it nearly as much as the preserves.

    I do not drink coffee. I have never been able to acquire a taste for it. I don’t get how something that smells so amazingly good can taste so horrible. I mostly drink water and Zevia. Occasionally I get some containers of Zip Fizz which is sweetened with Xylitol and safe for use on the Belly Fat Cure program.

    As for the Nanaimo Bars, I just ran all the ingredients through the Nutritional Information calculator at and the S/C value for it is 0/1. (0.1 grams of sugar & 14 grams of carbs when the 8×8 pan is cut into 36 squares (6 rows & 6 columns). If the pan is cut into 25 squares (5 rows and 5 columns) the S/C value is still the same 0/1 (0.1 grams sugar/20.2 grams carbs). I personally prefer the smaller sized squares as this recipe does taste very sweet despite the lack of sugar in the recipe. Just click here to view the recipe and the full Nutritional Information chart for the Nanaimo Bars.

  6. Hi Ryan, I was going to let you know you were famous tonight on Jorge’s show, but I noticed your comment, so you know. How much weight have you lost since that video? I only want to lose 10 pounds so I know it will be slower, but I feel good with the program so far. One of my favorite things to eat right now is a peanut butter and SF jelly sandwich. Yummy. I get all the fiber for the day, plus the sweetness of the jelly and the PB is so good. Just curious if you drink coffee. I am using up my sugar free coffee mate which does not have the right kind of artificial sugar. What do you use. I like my coffee with a sweetened creamer. What is the S/C count for your nanaimo bars. I may be getting close to giving them a try!!!

  7. Hi Laurel,

    I can relate to the barely boil water. If it doesn’t have directions, I’m hopeless in the kitchen. But the Nanaimo Bars are so worth trying.

    LOL! Well I may have to try that kind of raisin bread, but I’ll be honest, raisins aren’t my favorite. I did end up at Jimbo’s yesterday and saw where they normally have Julian Bakery bread, but the shelves were mostly empty. They just had a single loaf of low carb bread and a couple of other loafs that resembled footballs rather than loaves of bread.

    I will definitely think about doing the video about the making of the Nanaimo Bars. Just stay tuned here as it’ll appear here first.


  8. Hi Ryan, I barely boil water, so that is why the bars sound so complicated. Also, anything over 5 ingredients throws me into overload!!! But, maybe I will venture out and try making them. The raisin bread from Julian bakery lists the ingredients and says “a few raisins” so there isn’t enough to even count it as one gram of sugar. I am freezing the second loaf of bread I bought from them so it will stay fresh. I would definitely encourage you to do the you tube video of making the bars!

  9. Hi Laurel,

    Thank you for finding me and my blog. Congratulations on joining Jorge’s 12 week program. It’s also great to meet another fellow San Diegan who’ll be on the program as well.

    The Nanaimo Bars are absolutely delicious!! They taste like they are completely sugar free. I just made another batch two days ago so that I could take some to a “Economy DVD Night” party with some friends. They were a big hit and none of them believed me that they are sugar free. They really aren’t too much work at all. They only take about half an hour to make. I may have to make a couple of making of videos for YouTube or something.

    Thanks for the tip on the Julian Bakery. I’ve not heard of them, but to be honest, I don’t buy much bread because I never use it fast enough. I end up having to throw out half or more of the loaves I buy because I don’t eat it quickly enough. So I just don’t buy it because it feels like a waste to throw so much of it out. I will definitely have to check them out the next time I’m in the La Jolla area or one of the Jimbo’s stores since I see they are listed as places that carry their products. (And I do find it amusing they are called the Julian Bakery and are in La Jolla instead of up in Julian, maybe they need to open a second location in Julian and call it the La Jolla Bakery.) I’m sure their cinnamon raisin bread is good, but raisins aren’t BFC approved. But I’m sure if you go low on sugar on other meals during the day, a slice can be okay for the program.


  10. Hi Me & Jorge (What’s your first name my dear?)

    Congratulations on joining Jorge’s 12 week program. I’m sure it’ll work well for you. A blog to keep yourself accountable is a great step. I’ve taken a look at it. Looks great. The important think is to keep updating it. Share your successes, and if you have any setbacks, share those too, that way when the 12 week program is done, you’ll have a fantastic record of your journey to a healthier and skinnier you.

    No, I was not part of Jorge’s original group. I was part of his third. His first two groups were from folks who joined in response to articles written in San Diego magazine which were local meeting groups. I was part of Jorge’s Costco Connection group which was his first run through doing a virtual meeting group that the current 12 week program is like now.

  11. Hi Ryan, Found your blog searching about Jorge Cruise. I just started his 12 week program. I noticed you are in San Diego. Me, too. Your recipe for the bars sounds delicious, but alot of work. How about you make them, and I will eat them!!! Just wondered if you knew about The Julian Bakery in La Jolla. They sell a low carb bread that is fabulous and it’s made right at the store I tried the cinammon raisin and it was yummy! I try to support local businesses which was why I was happy to learn Jorge is also in San Diego. Anyway, I am enjoying your comments about your success with Jorge’s program. I will use it for inspiration. Laurel

  12. Hi Ryan,

    Great post! I just started the 12wk coaching session and am looking forward to great results. I think I saw you on twitter. I am @meandjorge. I started a blog and twitter account just to keep myself accountable and keep other folks doing the Belly Fat Cure too!

    Were you part of his original group?

  13. Hello Tracy,

    Yes, it is quite shocking to stroll through the grocery story and look at labels. It almost feels like finding a needle in a haystack to find something edible that’s remotely “healthy.” You are so right about it being one evil substituted for another. Sure it’s fat free, that’s because it’s loaded in sugar. Sure it’s sugar free, but it’s loaded aspartame. No aspartame here, but it’s sucralose, some of which proudly displays a “Splenda” logo. Hopefully it gets easier as the dangers of sugar become more mainstream. I was in Costco today and it was disheartening to see how much sugar I could buy for the same price as what I paid for the last 5 lb bag of Xylitol I bought. I wouldn’t even be able to lift the sack of sugar I could buy for the same money, it was so big. Probably need one of their forklifts just to get it out to the car. I know sugar substitutes will never quite be as cheap as sugar, but wow!!! What a difference. They even had bulk Splenda at fairly reasonable prices.

    Oh well, we just have to keep supporting the makers of good products and keep requesting their items at the stores we shop in so the shopkeepers know there is an audience for it, and as the Belly Fat Cure book gets launched it opens the eyes of the masses to start demanding no-to-low sugar products to make it easier for all of us to buy healthy.


  14. Thanks again, Ryan! I will definitely check out those Nanaimo Bars. I had a leisurely stroll through the grocery last night, and it’s fairly shocking how many foods are loaded with aspartame or sucralose. Such a shame that in an attempt to be “more healthy”, we’ve really just substituted one evil for another! It will probably take years for my metabolism to fully recover from all the chemicals (especially the diet sodas!) I’ve been consuming in the name of limiting calories and sugar, but I’m willing to be patient. I really feel like I can make this a lifestyle – the challenge I’ve found with most other eating programs.
    Thanks again for the help and inspiration!

  15. Hello again Tracy,

    My pleasure to help. More power to ya on the craft beers. They aren’t anything I’ve had much enjoyment of. I looked up the info on Samuel Adams (I know, probably weak compared to the stuff you like, but it’s a bit more craft like than the light beers) and it’s still a (0/1) for the program, but barely as its 18 grams of carbs, just 3 more grams of carbs and it becomes a (0/2). You can probably still enjoy the ones you like, but you may have to limit yourself to just one a day and use one or two carb servings to cover it, depending on how heavy it is.

    The program is not about denying things you love, just you might have to limit them. I tend to like a bit of chocolate and I don’t like the dark chocolates, so occasionally I will get a regular candy bar, but I’ll cut it down and spread it over a few days to be able to enjoy it. So instead of a whole king size pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (which is currently sitting in my refrigerator) I can cut those 4 cups into 8 halves and spread it out over 8 days to enjoy them. I know not as much fun as the whole pack in one sitting, but it makes it compliant that way.

    As for my recipes, the best way to reach them is to use the drop down box for categories at the top of the page and pick recipes. What comes up is a page with this URL: and probably just clicking here will help also. There aren’t a lot of recipes I have posted. At the moment it’s the Yorkshire Pudding, Nanaimo Bars (a couple of recipes, one that has variations, and the other the original one where I added more ingredients that I’ve since decided weren’t necessary), a yellow cake with frosting, and an almost sugar free Black Forest Cake. I have made sugar free chocolate chip cookies, but that recipe came off the bag of Sugar Free Hershey’s Chocolate chips and it’s freely available on Hershey’s website too.

    I tend to make more desserts than anything else as that’s really one of the few things on the Belly Fat Cure that’s harder to just buy in a store. If those were easy to buy I probably wouldn’t have been so experimental. You really should try the Nanaimo Bars recipe it’s a Canadian dessert that in the sugar free version I’ve created, you’ll be able to fool friends into thinking it’s loaded with sugar. It’s so far my most favorite creation to date.


  16. Thanks for your prompt response! I kinda figured you would say as much…unfortunately for me, I am a MAJOR beer snob. I love craft brews, and I love heavy, rich, high ABV beers. Which probably explains why I need the Belly Fat Cure!
    I guess wine will have to suffice for a while.
    Another question for you: you mention creating your own recipes using xylitol and stevia, but the only recipe that comes up when I click your ‘recipe’ tab is for Yorkshire Pudding. Have you posted more, and if so, where can I find them?

  17. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to send in a comment and a question. Congratulations on taking the step of joining Jorge’s 12 week program. I know you’ll find it a valuable experience and you will learn a lot.

    When it comes to alcohol, what is “legal” as you say is, both Red & White wines (avoid Dessert wines), most of the recommended beers are light beers such as Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Bud Light. You can also do Miller Chill. And O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer is recommended (but really what’s the point of having non-alcoholic beer?) Basically light looking beers are your better choices. Avoid the Malt beverages (malt beers/wine coolers) and even Guinness is a bit high in sugar. You also want to steer clear of the sweet mixers, such as tonic water (use club soda instead), margarita/daquiri mixes, and things like Kahlua.

    Finding information on alcohol products isn’t quite as easy as other foods as those bottles in the liquor aisles don’t have the Nutrition Labels to make it easy when you’re in the store. I find your best bet is to stick with the “regular” versions of your alcohol of choice, such as vodka, rum, whiskey, etc. When you get into flavored versions you run the risk of it being high in sugar for the flavorings. It may be useful to look up your favorite alcohols on websites such as before running to the store.

    Also Jorge recommends no more than 3 alcohol servings in a day.

    I did incorporate alcohol into my program and it did not diminish my results at all. I don’t drink much but I do like to drink are the occasional light beers. My favorite beer is Molson Canadian and it has a (0/1) but I hate to waste any of my allowed carbs servings on alcohol so I switched to Michelob Ultra which is a (0/0) on the program. Usually a 12 pack of beer will last me two to three months.

    I also like the occasional mixed drink, and for me that usually is either Crown Royal whiskey or a rum such as Bacardi. Your best bet for these is to use Zevia sodas as your mixers with it. Experiment with the flavors as you like, I’ve pretty much just for kicks tried mixing the rum with each of the six Zevia flavors and my favorite one to mix with alcohol is the Ginger Ale. It makes for a guilt free drink because the Zevia is fantastic.

    And again, I don’t do much drinking either, my current bottle of Crown Royal, I’ve been nursing for almost 2 years now and the Bacardi I’ve had for about a year. I generally choose to have an alcoholic drink maybe once every two to three weeks, and when I do I usually have one or two. Although a couple of nights since being on the program, I have elected to have more.

    When it comes to alcohol I tend to go with the advice of Dr. Edward A. Taub, “Everying in moderation, including moderation.”

  18. Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Your success is so inspiring!
    I’ve just signed up for the 12 week program, but I’m a little confused about the alcohol issue. I know Jorge has posted videos about red wine, and has mentioned beer, but what is ‘legal’ on the program? Did you include it in your journey, and if so, in what amounts? Did you notice your progress diminish at all by adding these beverages in?
    I appreciate any information you could give me.
    Take care and keep on truckin’!

  19. Hi Christina,

    Yes, I think you would benefit from the program. However, I wouldn’t expect it all to be gone within a week. As you get down to the final few pounds to come off they don’t quite come off as easily. I would recommend viewing the video Jorge recently posted where he interviews his “Charlie’s Angels.” I personally know 2 of the women he interviewed, Kim and Michelle, and both of them were looking to lose between 10 and 20 pounds total. As you don’t have much to lose, you may lose about 2-3 pounds the first week and roughly 2 pounds a week thereafter. The link to the video is:

    Also keep in mind, Jorge has a money back guarantee on the 12 week program. If you don’t feel you’re getting the results you want in the first two weeks, just ask for your money back. He’s got a lot of great information and I think you’ll enjoy the program.


  20. Hi Ryan,

    I am considering starting Jorge’s 12 week bely fat cure program that starts tomorrow. I want to lose about 10 very stuborn lbs (left over after having two babies). Do you believe that this program is effective for losing a small amount of weight?



  21. Stacy, thank for the comment and welcome to my blog site.

  22. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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