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Mary OcchinoOne of the programs I really enjoy on Sirius Satellite Radio is Mary Occhino’s “Angels On Call” program. Mary is a psychic intuitive and also is a medium, able to communicate with people who have passed over. I often enjoy listening to Mary’s program learning about psychic things and have been fascinated by all the calls she takes. The program feels a lot like a lesson in the law of attraction rolled with a little of the paranormal. Whether or not you choose to believe that its possible, I happen to be fascinated with it.

The show is on the Sirius/XM Stars Satellite Radio channel (Channel 102 on Sirius, 155 on XM). Mary Occhino’s program broadcasts live Monday through Friday at 8 am to 11 am Eastern time zone, which is unfortunately the ungodly hours of 5 am to 8 am here on the west coast. So on work days, I’m still at work during the show, and on my off days I tend to be asleep at that hour. But fortunately, I have a Sirius Stiletto 100 radio and can record the show and play it back later in the day.

Well this morning I happened to wake up at about 5:20 am this morning awaking to the sound of Mary being recorded live on my Stiletto 100. I had fallen asleep to it on one of the music stations last night and the radio automatically switched over to Sirius/XM Stars to record Mary’s show. So as I woke up I decided this might be a good chance to call in and see if I could get through to Mary to ask if all the coincidences surrounding my being given my grandmother’s KitchenAid mixer perfectly timed for when I was looking to make my birthday Black Forest Cake had anything to do with my grandmother. Despite the fact my grandmother had passed away a couple of days following Christmas in 2001, there were just far too many coincidences surrounding it for it to have been a coincidence.

Just to recap the coincidences from my blog entry about the cake (click here to read it in its entirety if you want) because I’ve been on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program, I no longer consume more than fifteen grams of sugar per day, so getting a store bought Black Forest Cake was out of the question. I was looking for a way to make the cake as sugar free as possible, and ultimately I was successful in eliminating sugar from all but the cherries in the recipe. I’m quite proud of that accomplishment.

My Grandmother's KitchenAid MixerJust prior to making the cake I was given my grandmother’s KitchenAid mixer. My dad had brought it back from the spontaneous road trip back home to Calgary he took at the end of July and early August. My dad had driven which made it an ideal choice for transporting the mixer back to San Diego although he didn’t know at the time he drove up he would be bringing back a mixer. While my dad was visiting family from both sides of the family back home in Calgary, his visit to my Grandfather (who is my mom’s dad) he decided he no longer needed to hold on to my grandmother’s mixer and offered it to my dad to bring home. My grandfather had moved into the place he currently is in about 5 years ago, and in the process of moving there from his old home he got rid of far more stuff than he ever kept, so its quite surprising he kept the mixer and no one else in the family wanted it during the move. Ultimately my mother didn’t need the mixer as she already had a KitchenAid mixer of her own, which actually she got before my grandmother got hers. And of course, the ultimate coincidence that I didn’t realize until after I made the cake and was writing about it here on my blog, my grandmother was the one who introduced me to Black Forest cake in the first place. I literally got chills when I made the connection.

So when I started dialing the phone hoping to get through to Mary Occhino during her program, I was looking for validation because those coincidences seem too numerous to not be orchestrated in some fashion. And knowing my grandmother, I certainly wouldn’t put it past her because it’s very much like something she would have orchestrated when she was alive. I can certainly see her pulling some strings from the here after to get that mixer to me just to remind me how special Black Forest cake was between her and me. And funny enough my grandfather took a spontaneous trip here so he was actually able to have a slice of my cake made in my grandmother’s mixer.

I called several times and got the busy signal, and I just kept hanging up and redialing and ultimately connecting with the call screener. I briefly described what I was going to ask and I’m sure I didn’t make any sense to the screener trying to describe the mixer coincidences in a couple of sentences, but he put me on hold and I didn’t have to wait long, Mary took two calls before mine while I was on hold before she selected my call. In fact the caller just before me, Mary thanked him for waiting on hold for so long, apparently he had been on hold for a while. I know from being a regular listener that Mary doesn’t take calls in the order they were received, she answers them in the order that she’s drawn to them, and no doubt my grandmother’s larger than life personality was drawing her quickly to my call. In total I was only on the phone twenty minutes from the time I got through to the screen and when my time with Mary had finished.

If you’d like to hear my four minutes with Mary, just click on the MP3 below and you can decide for yourself if you think Mary was really communicating with my grandmother. Everything she said was very much in line with my grandmother’s personality. I know I went into this call looking for a yes answer, and I did get that answer, but I wasn’t expecting most of the details in the call. In any case, listen to the call and decide.

Mary Occhino Answers Ryan’s Mixer Questions 09-17-09

Grandma And Blair The Last Time I Saw Her In PersonIt definitely would be like my grandmother to find tremendous irony in my using the mixer for making sugar free desserts when all she ever used it for was making sugar loaded desserts. I do think that Mary was in touch with my grandmother. And there even was one more coincidence from the call. At the end when she recommends that the next item I make in the mixer should be blueberry muffins, the reason why that’s a coincidence is that there are only two baked good dessert recipes in Jorge Cruise’s upcoming Belly Fat Cure book (which I have a preview copy of one of the early drafts). The first recipe is for brownies which I had already tried within the first couple of weeks I was on the program way back at the end of April. The only other baked dessert recipe in the book is for blueberry muffins. Coincidence? I think not.

So whether or not you believe my grandmother wanted me to have her mixer almost eight years following her passing away, I believe she had a hand in bringing about all the events that brought her mixer to me and the mixer will always serve as a reminder of her love. Its comforting to know she’s still looking out for me even after all these years she’s been gone.

I’m including a photo of my grandmother here, this photo is from my visit to Calgary in 1998. I had driven to Calgary that time, and this photo was taken shortly before I got back on the road to head home to San Diego. I didn’t know at the time it would be the last time I would see my grandmother in person. She’s holding my cousin Blair, he’s obviously much older now than he was at the time of this photograph. The next time I returned to Calgary was to attend my grandmother’s funeral.

To my grandma, I want to say thank you for being such a wonderful influence in my life. I miss you and will always love you. I will always appreciate the special connection we’ve always had and still feel quite often. Thank you so much for orchestrating the chain of events that brought your mixer to me. I will put the mixer to good use making sugar free desserts and will think of you even more than I already do every time I use it.

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  1. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for stopping by and writing in. I really enjoy Mary’s Angels On Call program, I would love to listen to it live, but it’s way too early in the morning for west coast time. I definitely could hear my grandmother laughing, as Mary did nail my grandmother’s personality.


  2. Ryan, this is a beautiful story. I listen to Mary on Sirius also and feel that she validates my thoughts about those who have passed. I love this story and I can almost hear your grandmother laughing – with you.


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