My First Official ABBA T-Shirts

ABBA T-shirtsI just purchased my very first “official” ABBA T-Shirts. Sure I’ve had a couple of t-shirts promoting the ABBAMAIL website I used to write columns for and have a couple of unofficial shirts here and there, but now I have legitimate and real ABBA T-shirts that even have official ABBA tags in the collar. How cool is that?

I ordered the shirts from ABBA’s official website at and the webshop there is really a specialty shop with fulfillment handled by a great Swedish music retailer, I’ve ordered tons of music from them over the years and they’re a great shop. So acting as ABBA’s official store, they have in addition to the ability to purchase music CDs and DVDs, they have some merchandise. They’ve had merchandise in their webshop for a couple of years now, but I’ve never ordered any because let’s face it, they didn’t make T-shirts in my size. Well that was before I started losing weight with Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program.

Even though the largest size shirts they’re selling in the ABBA shop are extra large (XL) and I still haven’t quite felt comfortable dropping down to XL from 2XL sized shirts yet, I was very pleasantly surprised when the shirts arrived and I tried them on that they fit. They’re didn’t feel tight, but I like my t-shirts to feel loose, and these weren’t quite as loose as I would prefer to wear them, but it was very reassuring to know I will soon be able to wear these and have them be as comfortably fitting as I like. Maybe in another week or two they will be where I want them to be. But since I’m not attending any ABBA related functions until near the end of September, I’m sure they’ll fit just fine by then. I can’t wait to wear them out with other ABBA fans around.

If you want your own ABBA T-shirts, get them at



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