Meeting Fitness Guru Jorge Cruise

Ryan Cameron With Jorge CruiseToday I had the opportunity to meet fitness guru Jorge Cruise today. Jorge is the author of several books including the “8 Minutes In The Morning” series of exercise books, “The 3 Hour Diet,” and his newest book, “Body At Home: A Simple Plan to Lose 10 Pounds.”

Jorge’s latest work has been in regards to a book he’s writing called “The Belly Fat Cure” which is set to be released to the public tentatively at the end of the year or very early next year. Jorge is currently offering a free special report on his website at which outlines some of the basics of the program. According to Jorge’s research it seems waist circumference is more an indicator of poor health than the actual amount of weight. And there are two big contributors to belly fat, high sugar intake and low fiber intake. It is well worth your time checking out to get a copy of this special report to read about it yourself.

His “Belly Fat Cure” program looks incredibly promising, with amazing ways to cut sugar down and without feeling like being on a diet. The special report even showcases several food items that can be substituted for high sugar versions that will change your life. Did you know there is a company out there that makes a sugar free ice cream that tastes so incredibly rich and delicious that you’d never guess there was no sugar at all in it? All the key information you need is available in the special report at

How I got to meet Jorge was due to a contest Jorge has been running for Costco members as part of an article published in the March Edition of “The Costco Connection” magazine. Click here to see the article. I submitted my name and got the opportunity to met Jorge in person when I stopped by his office. There was a lot of activity going on in the office as they were prwpsring snd photographing several entrees for an upcoming cookbook. Today they were preparing and phographing all the Mexican food entrees. Boy did they ever look yummy.

Jorge was incredibly energetic and enthusiastic and he has a passion for helping people transform their lives. I really enjoyed getting the chance to spend a few minutes talking to him about his upcoming Belly Fat program that I read about in his special report. I will be employing his recommendations from the special report after having met Jorge in person and who knows, this may just be a simple before picture, and in a few weeks I might have to see if Jorge will let me come back down to his office for an after picture with him.



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