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Mamma Mia! at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre

I was fortunate enough to attend a special screening of “Mamma Mia!” The Movie at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. While still a week away from a proper opening across the US, it was fun to see the movie again for what is now the third time. The first being a test screening in March, and the second a special advanced screening in San Diego. And I will also be seeing a second screening here in Los Angeles tomorrow night at the OutFest movie festival. So by the time the movie officially opens on July 18th, I will have seen it four times and who knows how many times I’ll see it once it officially opens.

Back to the Grauman’s event, I have never been to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre before. What an incredible experience. Hard to believe I’ve lived here in Southern California over 20 years and have never taken the time to come see a movie at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Such a historic theatre and the opportunity to explore all the hand prints and footprints in the cement of the forecourt. I was excited to see the display of the hand prints of the original Star Trek cast. Leonard Nimoy had his prints in the traditional Vulcan hand sign.

While waiting to enter the theatre, I also saw where Meryl Streep had her hand and footprints, she has the tiniest of footprints. Wow.

As for the movie, the movie was great again. I had to snicker when a rapturous applause erupted from the rows and rows of reserved seats all reserved by Universal at the appearance of the Universal Logo before even a single frame of Mamma Mia! hit the screens. Must be all the Universal employees applauding to ensure they get a paycheck. The sound in the theatre was absolutely perfect, the amazingly large screen, as well as the free popcorn, soda, and parking, was a real treat. The theatre itself is gorgeous even though I’m not a particularly big fan of Asian themed decor, a little too red for my tastes, but the environment is definitely the way to go to see a movie. Amazing all around. Big thanks to Universal and the Official ABBA Fan Club for arranging for me to have a ticket to this special screening of Mamma Mia!

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  1. Lucky guy! I just did a review of the movie- I was lucky enough to have connections-(the “Six Degrees of Separation” idea), and viewed the original screener. With the hours I work I could never make it to the theatre. I’m glad someone else out there liked the movie- I adored it-others I know who saw it thought it was just goofy. Sure it was goofy-which made it even more fun to watch. I’m definitely buying the DVD, already bought the Soundtrack and I’ll buy the Deluxe Soundtrack when it comes out Nov. 25th. Obsessed? Nahh. 🙂 Nice blog by the way!

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