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Smart For Live Cookie MonsterAs someone who works in the middle of the night and am subjected to whatever is on the televisions in the breakroom at work, I am often subject to some of the more annoying commercials and informercials that plague the television landscape during those late night hours. One of the most annoying commercials as of late is for the “Smart For Life” diet program where all the people in the commercial proclaim according to the old children’s song that they have stolen a cookie from the cookie jar and have lost a lot of weight in the process. Which of course begs the question, is it really possible to eat cookies and lose weight?

The answer is definitely yes, as I have been doing exactly that, but NOT with the Smart For Life program. The commercials alone as annoying as they are have pretty much guaranteed I’ll never try the product. Upon further inspection of the program it seems that you are supposed to eat six of these cookies as meal replacements during the day and have a meal with a lot of protein and about 5 cups worth of vegetables. Not quite sure how well the program works for maintaining your weight once you reach your goal weight and come off the cookies, since programs with special food are inherently flawed by the fact you eventually come off the program and have to replace the special foods. But it does seem the testimonial cases in the commercial have done well with the program.

In case you haven’t seen the annoying commercial in question, I’ve included it here from YouTube.

As my regular readers have already seen, I’ve been following Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program and to date I’ve lost 54 pounds in 15 weeks by cutting sugar intake to 15 grams or less per day and six carbohydrate servings. And I’ve had plenty of cookies on my program. Mind you, I’ve had to make them myself. Which is fine. I’ve replaced the sugar with Xylitol, and brown sugar with Xylitol combined with a little bit of sugar free Maple Syrup. I happen to like Chocolate Chip cookies so I’ve gotten Hershey’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips. I also make my cookies with free range eggs, and have alternated between organic soy flour and organic whole wheat flour. And for variety, I’ve thrown macadamia nuts into the the cookies. Basically, I just make a batch every once in a while and I can eat cookies and lose weight too.

I couldn’t do the Smart For Life cookies on my Belly Fat Cure program because each one of their cookies has five grams of sugar and they recommend six of them per day, which is more than double the maximum amount of sugar I can have. Plus that 30 grams of sugar doesn’t include whatever sugar is in the meal you add to the Smart For Life plan during the day. I think the Smart For Life program is a lot more restrictive of a program as there isn’t much variety to it. Six cookies a day and one meal, which by the looks of it, they recommend a lot of the pre-packaged frozen meals like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice with the addition of more protein. At least on the Belly Fat Cure you can have a lot of variety. For example, there are ways to enjoy pizza, burgers, salads, Mexican food, pasta dishes, pancakes, omelets, potato chips, ice cream, even chocolate on the program, it’s all in how you choose to follow the program. You’re not limited.

The best part about the Belly Fat Cure is that it is very easy to follow. I’ve been able to follow it very easily and I’m not a cook. I’ve been able to make the program work with a lot of different restaurants and fast food items. But the homemade cookies have definitely been one of my favorite parts of the Belly Fat Cure. And because none of the foods on the Belly Fat Cure are “special foods” that you only eat while you’re losing the weight, it’s got the added benefit of being a program that can be adopted for life. There’s no transition to different foods once my goal weight is reached. But I can happily report, yes, it is possible to eat cookies and lose weight and they don’t have to be those Smart For Life cookies either.

One of the things the commercial promotes is that the cookies help control appetite, well cutting sugar down to 15 grams a day or less actually controls your appetite too. It’s a natural side effect of decreasing sugar intake. This allows a hormone in your brain called leptin do its work to let your body know when you’re full. Sugar blocks leptin’s ability to do it’s job. To learn more about leptin and how it works, check out the free report on the Belly Fat Cure, it’s available at

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