Junior’s Sugar Free Cheesecake Arrives In San Diego

Whole Junior's CheesecakeWhen I was in New York, I went to a Junior’s restaurant specifically to try a slice of their sugar free cheesecake. It was absolutely incredible as I detailed previously on my blog. (Click here to see my entry about the Junior’s Sugar Free Cheesecake. So needless to say, I decided it was time to order a whole cheesecake and it was definitely good enough to justify a price tag of $29.95 plus $11.00 for shipping.

I placed the order for the cheesecake a week ago and picked to have it shipped on Monday, October 19th, for delivery today, October 21st. I had actually forgotten I had ordered it by the time the email from Junior’s showed up in my e-mail box to indicate the cheesecake had shipped and the e-mail also provided the UPS tracking number so I could monitor it’s progress on its way across the country to me here in San Diego.

I watched the cheesecake progress from it’s arrival at the Lawnside, New Jersey UPS center, it’s transfer to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania processing center, where it was loaded onto a airplane and arrived at the Ontario, California processing center. As soon as it arrived there, I even reported to co-workers I told about the cheesecake that my cheesecake had landed in California. And soon after the cheesecake was sent to the UPS center in San Diego where it was loaded into a truck and arrived at my door in a brightly colored box in the Junior’s colors.

Junior's Shipping BoxI excitedly opened the box to find a folded up Junior’s box to put the cheesecake into on top of a Styrofoam shipping container, inside the container was my cheesecake on top of a small foam plate and shrinkwrapped with a big label indicating the nutritional information of the cheesecake. Also in the container was a little freezer pack that according to what’s printed on it, it could be frozen or heated to maintain the temperature of heat sensitive products. Since it looks like it’s reusable, I’m keeping in the freezer as reusable ice pack.

For the record, the 8″ cheesecake according to the label has 15 servings (3.2 oz) and each serving has 0 grams of sugar (It’s made with Xylitol) and 20.28 grams of carbs. I have absolutely no idea how you could possibly cut a cheesecake into 15 equal sized slices, so I cut it into 16 slices. Just basically took a very large knife that I could cut through the whole cake with a single cut. So the first cut, split the cake into 2 equal size pieces, then cut again into 4 equal sized slices, then two more cuts made it into 8 equal sized slices then four more cuts to make the cake into 16 equal sized slices. I then removed three slices of the cake, (one for me and one each for my two roommates) and we later enjoyed the cheesecake. The rest of the cheesecake has gone back into the freezer as the label indicated the cake could be refrozen (it was originally shipped fully frozen and by the time it arrived it had almost completely thawed and and was pretty much ready to serve upon arrival.)

The label also includes a list of the ingredients in the cheesecake and they are, cream cheese, eggs, xylitol, blanched almonds, whey, protein, isolate, psyllium husks, organic flavors, and salt. For those interested in counting calories, it says it has 288 calories per serving and 180 calories per serving from fat (Keep in mind these totals are based on a cheesecake cut into 15 servings). So when the cake is cut into 16 slices, it has a Belly Fat Cure S/C Value of (0/1) making it perfectly acceptable as a dessert able to be enjoyed on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program (as the program focuses only on sugar content and total carbohydrates).

If you’re interested in getting your fantastic cheesecake to enjoy at home, place your order by visiting JuniorsCheesecake.com. I did check, and the sale price I got for my cheesecake is no longer available. It is available for $34.95. They also have a sugar free variety sampler with four different flavors just $38.95. They cheesecake is certainly worth it and I suggest you may want to get one for your upcoming holiday celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. And yes, the cheesecake was just as good here at home in California as it was in the Junior’s restaurant I visited in Times Square of New York City. It’s like the best guilty pleasure without the guilt.



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