Invisible Shield Offers 40% Off In One Day Halloween Sale

40% Off all invisibleSHIELDs
Take advantage of a significant discount offer on Invisible Shield device protectors made by Zagg that’s available for one day only, this October 31, 2008. Just remember the discount is not automatic, you have to apply the code “scary40” when you check out to get the discount.

Get your shields for all the various portable electronic devices you carry whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, mobile phone, mp3 player, gaming device, GPS, PDA, laptop computer or even the face of your watch. These incredible shields are made from military grade film which was originally designed to protect helicopter blades, so the film has to be strong and extremely thin. It’s designed so that no other protection for your device is needed. It allows you to be able to use your device and plug it into charger bases or use plug in ports without the need to remove the film. This is especially the case for iPods in that you will have no trouble putting your iPod into a dock with the invisible shield applied. The film is extremely resistant to scratches so its a one time purchase for your electronic device unlike the generic screen protectors you can buy in electronic shops which tend to need frequent replacement once they’re all scratched up.

Afterall, you spend good money on your gadgets, why not protect them from as much harm as possible. And take advantage of the opportunity to get the Invisible Shields for 40% off on the Halloween One Day Sale. Click here to get the 40% OFF Halloween special on All Invisible Shields
Below is a video giving you a closer look at the Invisible Shield from Zagg.



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