How To Get The Best Deal On Hotels On can get you the lowest possible prices on hotels, if you know how to play their “Name Your Own Price” game. But how do you know what to bid in the hopes that it’s accepted but also the best deal available?

Travel tips expert, David Rowell, offers a four part detailed guide on how to get the best possible hotel deal on Priceline. David writes about it on his blog site, “The Travel Insider” and he suggests doing a little research. As the old saying goes, the best deals go to those willing to invest the time to research. He recommends a couple of sites to do the research which shows what prices people have gotten for various hotels for the same time frame as your upcoming trip. He also offers some really interesting ways to creatively use Priceline‘s site to narrow down and make rebidding easier when you want to narrow your selections down to specific classes of hotels.

David’s advice also offers a practical checklist of the pros and cons of using Priceline‘s name your own price system, so that you can determine if that option is the best for you. Check out all four parts of his very helpful advice by on how to get the best possible deals on by clicking here and then click on over to by clicking here to get your best deal for your upcoming trip.



2 thoughts on “How To Get The Best Deal On Hotels On”

  1. I was going to use this to book my accomodation in New York in September, but chickened out because I wasn’t sure if I’d get what I wanted.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Well the advantage of having a reservation that can be cancelled is that it can be a back up. As it gets closer to the date you may find some incredible deals. I doubt I’ll be using it as Liesbeth and I have a reservation at a place that’s a couple of blocks from a train station in Jersey City for about $100 a night. It’s close to the airport we’re both flying into (as we’re flying in on separate airlines) and it has a free shuttle to the airport, free wi-fi, and free continental breakfast too. It seems like it’ll be the most convenient for us, since it’s just a train ride over to Manhattan and then switching on the subway to wherever we need to go. I’ll send you a private e-mail with the details in case that hotel might work for you too.


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