Great Deal On A Netbook From TigerDirect

I just took advantage of a great deal from on an Acer Aspire One Netbook. I’ve been wanting to try a netbook and TigerDirect offered a price I couldn’t refuse. $229.99 and $1.99 for shipping. Sure it’s a refurbished model, but the best deals are usually on refurbished products and I’ve always had good luck buying refurbished items. Click here if you want to check out the details on the model I purchased, and you can even pick one up for yourself if they still have any left.

Normally I would have opted for an HP netbook as most of my last few computers have all been HP products and I quite like their machines. But I picked up a great deal on an Acer desktop PC right after Christmas (also from TigerDirect) that I am willing to give one of Acer’s ultra portable PCs a chance. I like the idea of the netbooks being so portable that I’m sure I’ll be reaching for it far more than I will my other PCs. I currently have a HP laptop with a 14 inch screen and at the time I bought it, it was the best deal I could find on a laptop with as small as screen as possible. Sony’s VAIO series offered smaller ones but for outrageously higher prices, but the truth is I really wanted something with a smaller screen because the lighter it is, the more practical it becomes to take with you. At least that’s my opinion.

Now we’ll see if the 8.9″ screen is a little too small. The good thing is I don’t have any vision issues so I’ll be able to take advantage of the smaller screen. The lack of a DVD-drive I doubt will be much of an issue as I’ve found with my laptop I’ve really cut down the use of it quite a bit. And it looks like if I really get hard pressed and need a DVD-drive, they sell ultra portable models that plug right into a USB port so I can add one on if I so choose. That seems a bit more practical, carrying the DVD-drive in the computer bag instead of in the computer so it only gets used when it’s needed.

Now to await it’s arrival so I can check it out and determine if I should replace my laptop or not. If the netbook turns out to be as handy as I’m hoping, I may not have to replace the laptop. The unfortunately thing with my laptop (the poor old thing) is that the backlight has gone out on it and made it useless as a laptop. I currently have a monitor plugged into the side of it so that I can continue to use it, but to get it repaired would cost about as much as the new netbook anyway. My only real concern is how useful 1 GB of RAM is going to be on the netbook. Should be fine for mostly net applications.

In any case, I would love to hear from owners of netbooks and their experiences. Please leave a comment below and let me know how you’ve enjoyed your netbooks. And again, please feel free to visit TigerDirect to view the specs on the netbook I just ordered, and maybe even pick one up for yourself.



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