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FacebookAs of June 13, 2001 at 12:01 Eastern Time Zone (US East Coast) Facebook is allowing users the opportunity to pick their own username URL. You could essentially call it a vanity URL. So instead of a user name being a very unrelenting random series of numbers, you can actually get one in your own name or nickname. It makes it easier to share with others.

For example, my previous Facebook URL was (and technically still is) As you can see it’s a little relentless with the numbers, but it won’t connect to my page without the numbers.

Now that the vanity URLs are available, my new URL is This is a definite improvement.

Thank you Facebook for finally getting with the program, as now my Facebook URL is now as easy to remember as my Twitter URL (, my MySpace URL (, and of course, my blog URL (

To get your own go to

 Posted on : June 12, 2009

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