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T-Shirt Hell - Money For RentA good friend of mine pointed me to a website that makes some pretty darn funny t-shirts. As someone who can appreciate a t-shirt that makes people laugh when they read it, I was just rolling with laughter when I saw the shirts offered by T-Shirt Hell.

No what T-Shirt Hell offers, pushes the envelope in terms of funny. In fact, a lot of the shirts they offer are just downright offensive. Some shirts push the envelope through the use of strong language while others use offensive stereotypes, and some just push the boundaries of sexual innuendo. It seems no stone is left unturned even poking fun at pop culture icons like Ronald McDonald, The Smurfs, Disney, Han Solo, and Pillsbury Dough Boy. Even Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Wal-Mart get skewered. (I’m guessing all the George W. Bush ones have been retired?)

T-Shirt Hell - Offensive LanguageSome of the shirts they offer are consider extra offensive and are tucked away in a category of shirts called “Worse Than Hell.” This section of shirts are in such poor taste that one has to wonder if anyone who buys one and actually wears one of these shirts is looking to be shot or at the very least attacked. It seems no holds are barred in this category. I would say, buy and wear with caution from this category. To see the designs in this category, click here.

And probably an underexploited category for offensively funny t-shirts is the category of t-shirts for babies and children. This category is appropriately called “Baby Hell.” Here there are several styles sure to offend any grandparent or unsuspecting baby admirer. Some of they styles make fun of the kid, the bodily functions of the child, as well as challenge other babies to a fight. There’s plenty of fun smiles to be had from the t-shirts in this category, and they’re made all the more funny by the fact the kid wearing the shirts can’t read what’s said on it. To see the really funny baby shirts section, click here.

T-Shirt Hell makes most of their shirts to order, so you have the option of being able to customize your shirt in several ways. With the main “Hell” category of shirts, you can even get your choice of a t-shirt, a jersey style shirt, long sleeve shirts, or even a hooded sweatshirt (or “hoodie”). And there’s several varieties of styles for just the plain “t-shirt” such as extra tall sizes, plus sizes, ringer style t-shirts, vintage style t-shirts, and for women the additional baby doll and spaghetti strap styles of shirts. Sizes cover a full range from small to up to 5X (in certain styles) and a wide variety of colors. So it’s literally you pick your favorite design and it gets custom made on whatever style shirt you want. And you can virtually preview your design before you buy it on a virtual mock up of your shirt. The “Baby Hell” shirts you can get in kids sizes 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 2T through 6T, and some of the designs, if your really like them that much, you can get them printed on adult size shirts too. The “Worse Than Hell” category shirts are a little less customizable in that they only come on black t-shirts and in a limited range of sizes.

T-Shirt Hell - Baby T-ShirtT-Shirt Hell even accepts submissions for t-shirt ideas for future shirts with a prize package of $500 and your choice of 10 free shirts. They also offer prizes for customers taking photos of themselves wearing their T-Shirt Hell t-shirts. If you have a twisted sense of humor and can appreciate these downright original and in a lot of cases, very offensive shirts, check out T-Shirt Hell at Now if they’d just bring back out of retirement the one I saw in their customer gallery that said, “Canadians are Eh-Holes” I’d buy one of those.



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