Free Play At Dave And Busters

Last week my good friend Vito Grandolfo and I took advantage of a couple of great freebie coupon deals, one was for Smashburger, and the other at Dave And Buster’s. The offer from Dave and Buster’s was for $10 worth of free play on their arcade just for signing up at For those not quite familiar with Dave and Buster’s, they are essentially a similar to a kid oriented Chuck E. Cheese restaurant which is basically a restaurant combined with a arcade of video games and games of skill. The difference is that Dave and Buster’s is for adults. Instead of crappy pizza, they have a full menu of a wide variety of food options, and a full bar to serve any kind of alcoholic drink you could want. Not that Dave and Buster’s doesn’t cater to kids, but they do reach a point where kids get kicked out and only people over 21 can go there.

While moving I found all my old Dave and Buster cards, including a couple of unused play cards from the birthday party I had there several years ago. I figured they probably had no value left and all the previously collected tickets that were put on my card, I was sure after this long they’d probably been wiped out. To Dave and Buster’s credit, all the points were still on the cards and I still had tons of tickets to redeem on the crap they have available to redeem points for. But I always like to collect the tickets and so I opted mostly to play the games that spew out the tickets and I was surprised my old favorite machines that were cash cows for tickets for me in the past were now down to only one machine and it wasn’t working. I was disappointed with that.

Vito and I tried a trivia game that shot out tickets, and then we found something that looked like a the wheel from the Price Is Right, except it was themed as a fishing game. You run the play card, then lift a lever and then pull down on the lever to spin the wheel. They have several ticket levels, the big prize ones are a little tricky because they have little lines to indicate instead of anywhere on that panel gets the full tickets, just a narrow strip in the middle. Anything closer to the top edge or lower edge only gets 4 tickets. On one of my spins I managed to hit the 500 ticket prize, just watching the tickets spew out of the machine. I suppose it’s almost like how slot machines used to spit out coins, but not quite the same effect.

Before we left, we checked to see if all the various cards I had could be combined into one and sure enough they could, and comes to find out I was really close to the point level necessary to upgrade the card to their gold card. And the value I had left on the game cards had enough value to allow me to play the necessary points to get the gold card. So back to the arcade for a few more spins of the ticket prize wheel. And putting a few more tickets on the card before heading back to the front counter to trade up the card. Apparently the benefit to having the gold card is that they discount the games 10% for gold card members so the games cost a little less to play. Nice.

We also signed up for their email program and will get an additional $10 voucher for more play in our email and they also handed us a coupon that will give us $10 on a subsequent day when we buy $10 worth of play. So ultimately, we if we redeem everything, we’ll get $30 worth of play with only $10 investment required. Not too bad a deal. It was fun, so I think I’ll be back again soon.




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