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Ryan Cameron's Facebook profileI must admit I was not a big fan of MySpace when it was all the rage. It seemed more like a pain in the butt to set up a page and even more of a pain to customize it. And let’s face it, looking at some other people’s pages, between their background images and the fonts and colors picked for text, they’re practically unreadable. The ability to play a cool song you wanted to share was nice, but also annoying when you’re browsing the web late at night not wanting to wake everyone else in the house up and forgetting what volume level the computer is set at.

Well along came Facebook, and it just seems like a more grown up version of MySpace, and what a welcome relief it is to use Facebook. It’s done away with the gaudy background images and unreadable text of MySpace and offers a more consistent experience across the board of checking out other people’s profiles. The text is simple. They status updates are awesome, and even the ability to use and tag photos is very user friendly.

In the last few months I have grown to really like facebook and consider it my primary way to keep in touch with people. It’s just so much more convenient than maintaining an address book and using other tools to communicate. It’s nice it has built in ways to email others (with a handy feature where Facebook emails me to let me know there is a message waiting.) There are great ways to leave messages for other people publically, like a note on their “wall” or comment on their photos, and great opportunities to network through groups and becoming a fan of celebrities, organizations, or pretty much whatever people have thought to create pages for.

I really appreciate the fact I’ve been able to connect with a lot of people from the various different aspects of my life. I’ve got friends on Facebook that I know from work, past jobs, college, high school, family, and a number of my friends from around the world that I’ve known through various mailing lists. I’ve even added a few friends from when I grew up in Canada, many of which I haven’t seen in decades. It’s been most interesting adding people I haven’t interacted with in more than a decade such as folks from high school and beyond because I haven’t been in touch with them in ages.

I really enjoy seeing friend requests from people I haven’t heard from in years. It’s great to have a chance to catch up with people. It’s been a lot of fun. I think kids today are in for a different experience since they have access to all these social networking sites now, so they will in effect never be out of touch like the “old” days where people moved on and had no way to stay in touch except with a lot of effort on the parts of the people involved.

Although, even though I’ve connected with a lot of great folks from my past, the two that have eluded my efforts to find them are my two best friends from my years growing up on Chestermere Lake outside of Calgary. They are Tyler Brown and Danny Alberda respectively. I knew them both through my elementary school years at Conrich Elementary School up until the end of fifth grade. I lost touch with them a while after my family relocated to San Diego and I would love to reconnect with them to see what they’ve been up to since I knew them. I’ve tried Google searches on both of them but haven’t come up with any meaningful results. So who knows, maybe this blog post will lead me to them if they ever decide to Google their own names or maybe even if people who currently know them.

If you’d like to follow me of Facebook, you can find me there by clicking here. Just write me a little note in the friend request about how I know you. Feel free to write, “I read your blog” if you only know me from here. And definitely add me as a friend if I know you from Conrich Elementary, Black Mountain Middle School, Washington Middle School, Rancho Buena Vista High School, Mira Costa College, San Diego State University, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Document Sciences and Harrah’s.

I also love to be followed on Twitter, you can find me on Twitter by clicking here. If you follow me, I will follow you too.

And feel free to follow me on MySpace as well. Even though I don’t use it as much, I know there are some who are only on MySpace and I would love to add you as a friend there too. Click here to join me on MySpace.

And, if you’d just like to be notified of updates to this blog site. I now have a way for you to be notified. In the sidebar to the left, there is a sign-up box, just enter your name and e-mail address. Your name and e-mail will never be sold and only be used to send you an email when there is an update to this blog.



2 thoughts on “Follow Me On Facebook and Twitter”

  1. I’m with you Ryan. I just don’t get MySpace. The main aim seems to be how many “friends” you can get. I’ve only got a MySpace profile so that I can keep up with some or my favourite artists who have MySpace profiles.

    Through Facebook I’ve managed to get in touch with old workmates and just last week was found by an old high school friend, which has led to getting in touch with most of the old high school gang from 30 years ago!

    I don’t get what Twitter is.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes, it does seem to be that way on MySpace. It kind of feels like the Titanic over there to me, it’s sinking and the people who know it are jumping ship to Facebook.

    I’ve really been amazed at the level of people I’ve gotten to re-connect with on Facebook. I haven’t really had much to do with any of the folks I went to high school with, but I have a bunch of them as Facebook friends, which has been really cool.

    As for Twitter, it’s kind of like the Facebook status section. They refer to this as “micro-blogging” and there’s even a Facebook application that will let you update your Facebook status with your Twitter status, so you can participate in both. It seems redundant to do both, but who knows some people like one over the other, and if you can keep both up to date once, then why not?

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