First Look – The Belly Fat Cure Book By Jorge Cruise Out In December

Belly Fat Cure Book CoverJorge Cruise has officially released an image of what the cover of The Belly Fat Cure book is going to look like. The book will be released right after Christmas with a scheduled release date on December 28, 2009, perfect for those getting ready to shed those post holiday pounds and New Year resolutions.

The book will feature a forward written by Dr. David Katz, who is a featured columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. In addition to being a wonderful resource to explain the whole Belly Fat Cure process, the book also explains the scientific reasoning behind the Belly Fat Cure, and how to apply it to your life and start making smart “carb swaps” that will make it easy to transform the food choices that have made us fat in the past into food choices that will keep us trim. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to have brownies, chocolate, pizza, and ice cream that will actually help you lose weight instead of packing on the pounds.

A good portion of the book helps by taking common meals from many restaurants and shows you how to turn that “Belly Bad” meal as Jorge calls it and transform it into a “Belly Good” meal without sacrificing flavor at all. Do you ever get food at Denny’s IHOP, Mimi’s Cafe, McDonalds, Burger King, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Einstein Bros. Bagels, FatBurger, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Arby’s, Schlotzky’s Deli, Chicago UNO, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Wolfgang Puck, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Quizno’s, Subway, Panera Bread, Rubio’s, Red Robin, Chevy’s, Taco Bell, Ruby’s Diner, Chipotle, La Salsa, Hometown Buffet, Panda Express, Boston Market, Pat & Oscar’s, or In-N-Out Burger restaurants? If you do, then learn how bad some of the items you can get there really are for you, and don’t worry, the same page spread shows you how to make the same thing at home in a better way that’s not loaded with sugar or excessive carbohydrates.

And don’t think the book leaves out frozen entrees you would buy in the store as a meal option as well. There are expert swap choices to make for many entrees from Lean Cuisine, Claim Jumper, Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones, Digiorno, Lean Pockets, and even Hungry Man as well. The book even includes a detailed list of food choices and serving sizes so that you can track the appropriate “S/C Value” for all that you eat. Jorge’s “S/C Value” is key component of the Belly Fat Cure program where the “S” stands for sugar and “C” for carbs. And there’s even a section on smart choices to make for condiments and things to fill your pantry at home with. The book will make it easy for you to lose weight.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, the book includes meal planner suggestions for five different types of food lovers. Each of those plans covers seven days and you can mix and match days as you see fit. If you’re a Carb Lover, Mostly Meat lover, Chicken & Seafood lover, Quick & Easy, or someone who’s got to have their Sweets, there’s a planner perfect for you. I tend to be more of a Quick & Easy kind of guy myself as I don’t cook much so it’s perfect it gives me several choices of restaurant meals or store bought frozen entrees that work well with the program.

The program is designed to work with little to no exercise, and it will help shed the pounds to get rid of about 90 % of the weight you want to lose. When you get down to the final few pounds, there’s no escaping the exercise to help tone and shape the body, but if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, this will be the easiest program ever and you never have to set foot inside of a gym if you have no desire to do so. Although some exercise can help accelerate the program and Jorge has some tips and exercises to recommend as well in the book for those that want that extra boost.

The book claims that it’s possible to lose 4-9 pounds every week, and yes, it is possible. I lost over 10 pounds my first week on the program and I didn’t even have the book to help me as it wasn’t even completely written yet. Just keep in mind the most dramatic weight loss numbers will be in the first couple of weeks as the program helps eliminate what Jorge terms as “False Belly Fat” which is essentially built up fecal matter that stores in your intestines when you don’t eat sufficient fiber in your diet to flush it out of your system. The program only actually burns about 1-4 pounds of actual fat per week, the additional weight loss initially comes from the high fiber helping push out that excess fecal matter than your body has been storing. Gradually the amount of weight lost per week will decline, but the dramatic results initially really help you feel confident about the program and stick with it, because it works and works very well.

The book also is loaded with testimonials of people who’ve had some dramatic weight loss with the program. I didn’t quite make the testimonial cases, but due to a sugar experiment I did with Jorge Cruise in July, photos of my blood in a before and after sugar state are featured in the book. You can read more about that experiment by clicking here and watching the video footage from the experiment as well.

With the book release rapidly approaching, Jorge Cruise has revamped his website to get ready for the release. Unfortunately, the free special report he had been offering earlier this year is no longer available, but you can sign up for an email list where Jorge will e-mail you tips in and links to videos to help you get started before the book gets released. And Jorge is also offering a chance for people to join a special 8-week coaching plan that starts in October, click here for information about that plan.

The best way to ensure you get the book on it’s release date is to pre-order it now. Amazon has already started taken pre-orders. The list price for the book is $19.99 and Amazon currently lists it at $13.59. By pre-ordering you guarantee you’ll get the lowest price, so if the price goes up, you’ve locked it in at this price, and if the price drops on the release date, you’ll get it for the lower price. Click here to pre-order it or just click here to visit Ryan’s Incredible Store which is powered by Amazon and features the book and other great products that are great on the Belly Fat Cure.

If you’d like some tips on how to get started now and be ready for the holidays and have some suggestions on how to make your holiday more Belly Fat Cure compliant, click play below:

And be sure to visit to get the free copy of the brownie recipe mentioned in the video. And of course, stay tuned in here at for reports on the various things I’ve been doing on the program. Just click here to see all my blog posts featuring the “Belly Fat Cure” as keyword so you can get the information you need and want. I tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I’m constantly trying out ways to make sugar free versions of desserts and the ones that come out great I share the recipes. I usually post something Belly Fat Cure related at least once a week.

And if you have any questions about the Belly Fat Cure, feel free to leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you. I feel quite fortunate to have lost over 60 pounds already on the Belly Fat Cure and I consider it a privilege to have been a part of the program before it’s release to the public. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. The comment box is below.



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  1. Thanks for your response, but i thought anything under 5gms of carbs was 0, so red wine would be 0 also? Do I have that wrong?

  2. Hi Beth,

    You are correct! My apologies, I have corrected the response. As it seems red wines are closer to the point of being tracked you may want to consult or another website to confirm the specific brands of red wines you’re getting don’t push over the 5 gram mark and need to be tracked.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  3. Hi Ryan, I am getting ready to begin the BFC lifestyle change. My only concern….of all things…is vegetables. I am a vegetarian so obviously veggies are a big part of my diet, and my family’s diet. Using past weight loss programs like South Beach and Weight Watchers I’ve been able to eat unlimited amounts of veggies. But after reading the BFC book and seeing that veggies have some sugar, I feel a little overwhelmed about having to count sugars and carbs for everything I want to put in a salad. Do you find you are able to eat a decent amount of fresh vegetables without going crazy counting sugars per veggie??? I really want to give this approach a try, but don’t want to make myself nuts. Any insight would be appreciated!!

  4. If a serving of something is 1 cup, 8grams of carbs, and 2 sugars. If I ate only half the serving, could I also cut the grams of carbs and sugars in half? giving me 1/2 Cup, 4 grams of carbs, and 1 sugar? What would I count it as?

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I want to thank you for finding my blog and asking your question.

    I know it seems a bit overwhelming at first to be calculating and keeping track of all the sugar and carb counts for what you want to put into a salad. I can definitely relate as it was certainly a learning curve for me as well when I first started. I found once I’ve been through the process a few times I’ve settled into a usual routine of foods that I’ve already calculated and am just able to track the overall result for that meal instead of the individual ingredients because it’s a recipe I’ve made before, so I don’t need to do the work again.

    Because your diet is vegetarian and I would imagine you probably like to incorporate more variety with your vegetables than I do, what I would do, is track the info for a “core” recipe of veggies that serves as the base for your salads (the ingredients you use all the time), and then the vegetables that you like to rotate in and out due to the seasons and variety reasons you can track those separately, that way most of the core work is something you can automate for yourself. You may even find it of value to create handy lists for your kitchen that organize your favorite veggies into ones you can have unlimited servings of, ones you can only use very small amounts of, and ones that you have to track, but not be as focused on how much of it you have.

    You definitely don’t want the lifestyle to be a chore every time you make a meal or you’re not going to want to stick with it, so hopefully those suggestions help automate some of the calculating process for you.


  6. Hi Rose,

    I don’t see a problem of tracking the half sized serving as a 1/0 for the S/C value because it has the 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of carbs for 1/2 cup. You just have to note that if you have 2 half servings in a day, you should track the two as a 2/1 because you’re ultimately having one full serving and there are enough carbs in the full serving to be tracked as a carb serving, even though you might be splitting it up over a couple of meals. I’m certainly all for using half servings if that’s all you want to eat, but if you’re only looking to make the half servings as a way to not track a carb serving by splitting the serving into two portions and having them separately, that’s cheating.

    Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I will take some foods that have 21 grams of carbs which is officially 2 carb servings and cut a portion of the serving off and throw it away so I can count it as a single carb serving. Maybe that’s cheating also but ultimately I’m throwing away the portion I cut off and not consuming it so I’m definitely not getting the full serving.

    That’s a great question Rose, thanks for asking it.


  7. Hi Ryan –

    Great information – thank you! I have a question. I love the diet and have been able to do OK except for my morning coffee. I usually add Stevia and then milk but I know milk (regardless of %) is not allowed on the diet. I looked at Almond Milk and it looks like the sugar content is also high. What are acceptable additions to coffee in place of milk?


  8. Hi Ryan,
    I have just recently started the BFC and so far love it!
    My question to you is… regarding the supplements…
    I just got the Psyllium Husk in capsule format (500mg per capsule) what is your suggestion as for how many capsules a day i should eat and when is the best time to eat them? before meals or after? or with? I want to be able to get 30grams of fiber a day. Is that too much to begin with?
    look forward to hearing back from you…love your blog.

  9. Hi Cathy,

    You may want to try Truvia or PureVia as a replacement for the Stevia, as they’re a Stevia based sweetener, but they also contain Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol. The Erythritol helps counter the bitterness of the Stevia and makes it as close to sugar like as possible. I find Truvia and Pure Via to be great alternatives to sugar and the various colored “packets” of artificial sweeteners. Both products are virtually identical except made by two different companies. The companies behind them are each backed by Coke and Pepsi which is why you’ll find both easily in the supermarkets. Coke backs Truvia and Pepsi the Pure Via.

    As for almond milk, you want the unsweetened kind to be sugar free. I find it tastes better when used with a packet of Truvia or Pure Via which enables me to use it as milk for my cereal and if I ever just want a glass of milk, then I’ll add a packet to the unsweetened almond milk.


  10. Hi Malusak,

    I’ve never used the capsule form of psyllium husks, just the husks themselves mixed with water. I have no idea how effective the capsule form is. I would suggest that if you’re looking to do 30 grams of fiber with the psyllium that you should start off with 10 grams for a couple of days, then bump it up to 20 grams for a couple more days then up to the full 30 grams, so that you don’t overload your system with an abundance of fiber all at once. A dramatic shift in fiber all at once has caused a number of people to be constipated and the gradual approach helps your body adjust to it more easily.

    I hope this helps. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and writing in.


  11. Hi Ryan,

    I have been following your blog and the comments for a while now. I am so impressed with your thoughtful responses to everyone’s questions. The info you provide has been very helpful. I have been following the plan since late December and have lost 9.5 pounds and an inch of waist. 20 pounds and 5 inches to go! I have yet to try a probiotic – any brand reccomendations? I live in LA so I have access to anything. I have been a bit frustrated that my weight loss has not matched what the book suggests – the 4-9 pounds a week. (I’m at 7 weeks and about 10 pounds)I think I was already getting a lot of fiber so maybe I didn’t have a lot of false belly fat to start with. Also on the plan I usually get 25-30 grams of fiber a day, so are the psyllium husks really necessary on top of that? I bought some (In dry form) but am squeamish about drinking it with water. Any suggestions for breaking into a brisker weight loss pace? Also, I find that because of having to count 21+ grams as 2 carb servings, I often get only about 80-95 grams of carbs a day. Is that too little? Thanks to carb balance tortillas and avocados, the fiber still gets to at least 25 grams. Also, I am exercising quite a bit and limiting calories even though Jorge says this is not necessary. Just can’t bring myself to eat as much bacon and cheese as I would like to and still believe I can lose weight. Finally, I tend to use the daily plate to track nutrition rather than use Jorge’s recipes which feel a bit too fatty for me, at least until I get closer to my goal. I’d love your thoughts on what I may be doing right/wrong. Thanks so much! Genevieve

  12. Hi Ryan,

    My husband and I have been doing the diet for 3 weeks. I love the recipes and have found it very easy to stay to the 15/6 sc count. We both lost 6lbs the first week but have been flucuating up and down by 1 lb the last 2 weeks. I just added the probiotics 2 days ago and my energy level has gone through the roof. I can’t find the psyllium husks so I am going to get benefiber tomorrow. Hopefully this will help move the weight loss along. I am starting to get a little discouraged. We are still drinking about 1 dt.coke a day which is a huge cutback from our regular intake. We are slowly working towards eliminating it all together. Is this the reason we are not losing? Are there any other suggestions you can give? Are we missing anything else that we should be doing?

    Tiffany R

  13. hey ryan!

    excited to find this site… saw your blood video… it was interesting, despite a bit overdramatic on the doc’s part..haha!

    i bought the book last week and i’m really into it..posted a few questions on FB but still looking for answers. perhaps, you can shed some light!

    do you know why the half and half is not counted in the S/C value in the “First Class French Toast” recipe? shouldn’t it be about 2/2 for one serving of the recipe? i have a thing about a 1% milk latte on the’s my ritual and i’ve been looking for a substitution. hate almond, hemp, soy..all of it! half and half is often used in the recipes (and testimonials), but it seems like no one is talking about the fact that the 1 gram of sugar is for only 2 Tbls! if it were used like milk (in a latte), you’re looking at 5+ grams easily. am i missing something or is it some sort of oversight in the book?

    thanks much,

  14. Hi Ryan,
    My boyfriend have been on this plan for a week now and have both lost about 5 lbs each. He thinks we are eating too much calories, beacuase we go through a pack of bacon pretty easy and that is why havent really lost as much as weight. I told him that as long as it has no carbs or sugars we can eat as much as we want. Can you tell me is there amount to how much non carb and non sugar items we are allowed to eat?

  15. Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks so much for visiting and writing in. It’s a pleasure to answer questions for those that have written in their questions.

    I don’t have any specific brands of probiotics to recommend. I’ve pretty much been trying a different brand every time I’ve bought a new supply. One sales clerk at one of the shops recommended getting different brands every time to help vary the strains of beneficial bacteria you’re getting. I forget all his reasons why, but essentially getting a variety helps. Although with the various brands claiming to have millions of strains of bacteria in a single pill, I don’t know how much variety it gets.

    I can understand your frustration with the Psyllium Husks as they aren’t the easiest to take. You may want to try Benefiber instead, it’s allegedly tasteless (haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know for sure or not) but it says you can mix it into any beverage such as your morning coffee or tea, and it’s far easier to take than Psyllium. As for whether or not to add the extra fiber, that’s entirely up to you. You may want to give the Benefiber a shot and if it helps, use it, otherwise, just track what fiber you’re eating and just make sure to get enough per day.

    As for a brisker wight loss pace, you may want to consider a walking program or something like that. I was doing that in the early days of the program and had my most rapid weight loss when I coupled the program with walking but I really hated the walking, perhaps because it was on a treadmill and I just had about all I could stand of it in July and haven’t been back on it since.

    If you’re concerned about bacon, it’s actually one of the few things I have done almost daily as what I would do at work is get a hamburger patty and sometimes with cheese at the start of my shift, and then when I got hungry again, just got a side of bacon to tide me over until the end of my shift. It’s worked fine for me. At that hour of the day choices at work are limited on what to have and I just choose to not have anything I have to track while there.

    It’s not so much the fat of the food you need to worry about, the sugar and carbs are the real culprit for weight gain. Eating some fat helps your body feel full and stop eating sooner, so you may want to give some of the recipes a try that you’ve been shying against and see if that helps accelerate or slow down your weight loss. Maybe do a week of the recipes to get a better gauge.

    In regards to your question about the carbs, yes, actually 80-95 grams per day is actually pretty good. If you feel like you want to get in a few more, the trick I do with the items that are the 21 and 22 grams that I have to count as 2, just part of that food item off and throw it out. Cut enough of it out to eliminate what you think will get rid of those carbs that push it over into a two and then count it as a one. I don’t do this often, but if I know it’s going to be a more carb heavy day, this is a trick I do use.

    In any case, I commend you on your weight loss so far. The hardest part is starting and I think you’ve done well so far. I hope my thoughts can help speed up the weight loss for you.

    Thanks for writing in and if I can be of help again, please write in.


  16. Hi Tiffany,

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far, and finding increased energy level once using the probiotics. I also commend you on your reduction of Diet Coke drinking. You’re gradually weening yourself off it, and I think that’s fantastic.

    In my experience with the Belly Fat Cure, the weight loss would happen then plateau for a week or two then continue losing weight again, you may simply be experiencing that. I wouldn’t attribute the plateauing to the not yet fully cutting out Diet Coke. I have one every once in a while when I’m out, so I haven’t totally eliminated it either. The good news is there are more and more alternatives becoming available that are great for the Belly Fat Cure program, so it’s only going to get easier to find great replacements.

    Only suggestion I can add, is that if you haven’t tried adding a little bit of walking to your program, you may want to give it a try. I had my most rapid weight loss when I was walking or running three miles a day for four or five days a week on a treadmill. But I reached a point where I couldn’t stand to be on the treadmill any longer and just quit the walking altogether. The weight loss slowed after that point but I continued to lose weight. So you may or may not want to give some walking a try.


  17. Hi Keri,

    Thank you for finding my site and writing in. I’m glad you had a chance to see the blood video. I can assure you Dr. Bajon’s over dramatic enthusiasm is genuine. After meeting him on the blood test he invited me to attend a group function that he’s a part of and he was just as enthusiastic there. He’s really a neat guy to meet.

    For the half & half, what brand are you looking at? Perhaps you’re picking a brand that’s higher in sugar and carbs. I don’t know, I never use half and half so I don’t know how the various brands differ. However, going by the recipe in the book on Pg. 51, the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of half & half. Using Calorie I looked up a full cup of half and half and the S/C value for that was only a 0/1. That’s 0.4 grams of sugar and 10.6 grams of carbs. So I would estimate that the 3/4 cup info would be approximately 0.3 g of sugar and maybe 8 g of total carbs. Keep in mind in the recipe the 3/4 cup is part of 4 servings, making it approximately a 0.1 g of sugar and 2 g of carbs per serving, which would make the contribution of the half and half to the recipe a 0/0 on the S/C value on a per serving basis.

    It seems to be to me that the half and half isn’t as much of a problem and you can use it. Again, you may want to check out which brand you’re buying to see if its abnormally high in sugar. If that’s the case, I would switch to a different brand that’s closer to the generic values I was able to find for half & half on Calorie King’s website. Based on what I saw, you’d have to have maybe 2 & 1/2 cups of half & half to get a single gram of sugar, you may want to check what you’re using again as it seems grossly out of proportion from the info on half & half I found.

    I can definitely understand not liking the almond, hemp, and soy milks out there. I personally don’t like eggs, and avoid using them on this program even though Jorge highly recommends eggs. But it does seem that half & half is a great alternative to milk that’s a better match for the S/C requirements than milk and if it works for you as a milk substitute, I would use it.


  18. Hello La,

    So long as you’re tracking sugar and carbs you don’t have to worry about calorie counting. When you consume sugar, it’s like trying to power an electronic device that takes 9 volt batteries and trying to power it with AA batteries. Assume for the moment that a 9 volt battery and 2 AA batteries were the same size and connected the same. Two AA batteries generates only 3 volts of power and your device needs 9 volts, so putting in the AA batteries would mean the device would need more batteries sooner, so you’d end up having to use 6 AA batteries to equal the power of the single 9 volt battery. Well sugar is kind of like that lower voltage, your body is craving particular types of energy, but people keep feeding their bodies sugar.

    The sugar isn’t meeting the needs so the body is hungry again sooner. So as a result, you’re constantly hungry and the body keeps telling you to eat because it’s not gotten what it needs. Cutting sugar and eating the right things means your body gets the fuel it needs, and it tells you it’s full a lot sooner because it got what it wanted. So that’s why you don’t have to count calories.

    That being said, no technically it’s not eat as much bacon as you want. Your protein per meal should be about the size of the palm of your hand (not counting the fingers) and you can have that amount. You’ll most likely feel fuller sooner and not be wanting other foods. Just make sure to have some smart carbohydrates with it and you’ll be all set to go.

    Congratulations on the weight loss so far.


  19. I started this about 5 days ago and am so excited with the results I am getting already! I find it so easy, but I do have a question. When eating the 0/0 foods, if I eat more or drink more than the portion size recommended, do I need to count that toward anything? Thanks so much and I have found this site inspiring!

  20. Hi Stacey,

    It depends on the item in question and by how much you’re exceeding the serving size. As the nutrition information will say 0 for the sugar, it’s the carbs you need to look at and if it’s closer to 5 grams then you may need to count it if you have more than the serving size. If it’s closer to 1 or 2 grams of carbs then I wouldn’t worry too much about exceeding the serving size a little bit.

    Thanks so much for finding my site, and my apologies I haven’t had time to update it lately with more new content to keep you and all my other readers coming back. It’s been very busy for me as of late and I hope to have some new stuff up soon.


  21. Hi Ryan,
    I was thrilled to find your sight. I have been doing the BFC with very low weight loss (5 pounds/2weeks) and you have answered so many questions that it eases my frustrations. I see that I need to add exercise so hopefully things will pick up.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Marie,

    I’m glad to hear you’ve been trying the BFC and seeing some results. While exercise is not required to do the program, I certainly have found it to be more effective when exercise is done in conjunction with the program.


  23. I just found the BFC book on Friday and have started the eating plan…I just found this blog today and I’m encouraged that it has worked for you.. I’m hoping it works as well for me. I’ve only been doing it two days and haven’t noticed any weight loss…hopefully by the end of the week, that will change.

  24. Hi John,

    Thank you for finding my blog and taking the time to comment. Just stick to the program and you should see results. for best benefit, I highly recommend taking a probiotic supplement and adding additional fiber to your diet whether its in the form of Psyllium Husks or Benefiber. I would love to hear how you do with the program and if I can help you with any questions, please write in again.


  25. Great blog! I started the Belly Fat Cure after hearing how Jorge discussed all the issues around metabolic syndrome. Being 46 and having a target weight 105 pounds less than my current weight, you could see how this is a concern. After three weeks I have lost over 15 pounds following the recommendations closely. Being in this for the long haul, I am looking forward to the results and have already noticed a difference in my vision, mental clarity and tendency to be more active. Thank you for your efforts with this blog and of course I am grateful to Jorge for his tireless effort making a positive change in the world. Stay healthy!

  26. Hi Ryan…I have a zillion questions, but will start with the main ones. I just found the BFC book at Costco last week and have been reading it a lot. It makes so much sense. My husband and I want to try it out. HOWEVER…I don’t want to start until I can find these products Jorge recommends. I have been reading most of the previous questions and your answers, but haven’t seen any questions pertaining to WHERE to find them. Does everyone live in a big city where there are lots of big grocery stores? I live in a very small town. I did find a few things at Fresh and Easy, but not much. You mentioned to someone to try a whole foods store. I live 30 miles from a larger city. I will try to find some items tomorrow when I go. I’ve never seen products with the brand name Ezekiel 4:9, or Nature’s Hollow, or Josephs. Where do I find them.

    Also, there is no mention of FLOUR in the BFC book. Can I use regular white flour or should it be whole wheat. The s/c numbers are not that much different.

    Enough questions for now. I will wait for your reply. Thanks so much. Judy

  27. Hi, Ryan. Congratulations on your achievement of good health and thanks for sharing your insight with all of us. Your responses to questions are so impressive because you seem sincere about encouraging and helping others.

    I just finished my first day on the BFC. I’m shocked at how much sugar I ate. While I’ve been losing weight on 1300 calories, high protein and lower carbs, I never paid attention to actual sugar content. It’s been enlightening.

    My question for you is how you use the psyllium and probiotics. Do you take them in the evening or in the morning? I’ve used psyllium before, but it was part of a detox regimen throughout the day that included 3 shakes with bentonite clay. Yuck. So if I can get results from one shake a day, all the better.

    Be blessed and be of good health,


  28. Ok, First I wanna say, I thought this was going to awesome for me due to the fact that he showed you how to turn a sloppy food into a healthy meal and that’s just what caught my eye. And I also love how he educates us all on how to stay away from hidden sugars which is in all our everyday foods and beverages, I also love the idea of sticking to 15g of sugar or less daily with the 6 servings of carbs.

    My only problem is it is now my week one today Tues Jul 13th 2010 LOL. And my scale has gone up by two lbs from 202lbs to 204lbs. And hearing all the good results from everyone else on just about any site it’s shocking & upsetting!! But I’ve been picking three meals from the book daily one breakfast, one lunch, and a dinner.

    Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out What Could Be Going Wrong?? I am only drinking Zevia Soda (Which Jorge Recommended) & Water, And A Occasional Arizona Diet Tea Which I have a ton of unfortunately being it has Splenda in it which is bad for you. But I had ordered alot of the tea from my Arrowhead Delivery Service Prior to going on this diet, but I either need some awesome advice from someone regarding this or I am going to be forced to find another diet, being I am scared to continue to see my scale go up.

    Maybe Should I do his no excuses meal planner but then I am afraid to be hungry, Or should I just stick to one of his plans he has in the book instead of picking any three of his meals as I’ve been doing.


  29. Is the S/C food list available as electronic document? I would love to have it on my computer and phone to have it with me as I am eating out and/or shopping. Has anyone thought about making it avaiable as an iphone or android app?

  30. Hi Just got the book today. Some frinds have been on it and doing great. I have to lose more than 150 pounds so I was reading your blog and was hoping you were still there. I could use a friend through this weight lose program. I really need to find out how to make it home made to dave money so would love you take on recipes you used. I hope you have been still doing great on weight lose. I hope to hear fromm you soon. Thanks

  31. hi, i am about to start the program and i noticed that it’s really not a lot of food during the day. i want to incorporate exercise into the program and i feel that this amount isn’t going to give me the amount of energy i need to sustain a good workout. my question is, can you eat more than what’s recommended as long as you don’t go over 15/6?

  32. Hi Ryan, just wondering if you have any suggestions on snacks for the program. We have a group of ladies and gents doing the program since the end of February. Everyone is doing great with the ones on it the longest going from say size 14/16 down to a size 6/8. My one buddy is so excited. Her most recent doc appointment had her blood pressure in the range she had pre baby and preeclampsia. Her kid is 2 years old and ever since she was hospitalized before he was delivered, her bp shot up and wouldn’t come down to the normal range. I have personally lost 35 pounds but I’m a bigger woman than my friends so I still have a way to go. To make it easier, we preplan and premake our meals for the week. 7 days of meals and snacks makes it really convenient and much easier to get an idead of different itmes to choose and combine. I am running short of ideas on the snacks though…Nuts, eggs, and cheese are getting pretty boring for everyone. Have any suggestions or tips? We have also had the sensible solutions bagged snacks if we have a sandwich option. Thanks for the site and of course, any tips!

  33. your blog is great.

    i am about to embark on the plan, but have a big worry … i read: “You may want to try Truvia or PureVia as a replacement for the Stevia, as they’re a Stevia based sweetener, but they also contain Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol.”

    but i have read: “wheat dextrin”…a sugar alcohol…which includes Erythritol…”can interfere with the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12; and may also affect anticoagulants, antidepressants, anti-gout agents, anti-inflammatory agents, diuretics, salicylates, tetracyclines, nitrofurantoin, insulin, lithium, and digoxin. I suggest taking medication or vitamins one hour before, or a few hours after, wheat dextrin to help prevent interactions.”

    being arthritic, anemic and suffering from ptsd, i need to know if you know (or know of anyone who knows) of any good sweetener that does not contain sugar alcohol. i don’t want to risk using any.

    i hope your blog is still running.

    thank you

  34. Hi Ryan,
    I’ve been following BFC since last November 2009 and I have lost 40 pounds. I have my favorite snacks, mostly from Trader Joe’s like Think Thin bars and their mini kettle chip bags. I also love Uncle Sam’s cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and Truvia. I drink coffee with Truvia to suppress my sweet tooth. The one thing I missed the most is yogurt, so your discussion about probiotics was very helpful. I recently discovered Ralph’s Carbsmart yogurt. I love the peach and vanilla flavors, I add cinnamon (heart healthy) and some walnuts. Check it out the entire container has 4 carbs and 3 grams of sugar, so with the walnuts it is a great snack or breakfast with S/C breakdown of 1/3, that is unheard of for yogurt consider nonfat varieties have so much sugar. Thanks…

  35. Hi Kellgy,

    Apologies on the long delay in response. Congratulations on the success you’ve had with the Belly Fat Cure. I hope that you’ve continued to have tremendous success with it and are closer to if not yet already your goal weight. It’s definitely a great feeling when you’re finding other benefits such as the differences in your vision, mental clarity, and a tendency to be more active. Stay on track and enjoy the benefits of your success in weight loss.


  36. Hi Judy,

    I apologize for the long delay in my response. The key to the Belly Fat Cure program is making sure you know how to read the labels. The products identified in the book are not required, they are just to give you ideas on what to look for. You just have to go with what you can find in the stores in your area and just make the best choices possible. You can if you like order specialty products online if you choose, but it gets costly when you add time to find, shipping and handling charges, and some online sites charge outrageous prices for some of these products. Personally I find the Ezekiel products disgusting, Nature’s Hollow are really good, and Joseph’s are actually quite reasonably when ordered online directly from Joseph’s.

    Ultimately the BFC is trying to minimize your intake of grains and other carbohydrates. You can use regular flour or whole wheat, but I generally try to use the least processed flours out there. So I would choose the whole wheat over the regular flour personally.


  37. Hi Shawna,

    My apologies on the long delay and thank you very much for the kind comments about the blog.

    In regards to your question about the probiotics and psyllium husks, during my initial time on the Belly Fat Cure program I was taking the probiotics and Psyllium three times a day. I tapered off from that schedule because I was finding it to be too expensive to maintain that level so I dropped down to once a day for both. My results slowed a bit, but it was also at that time I was cutting down on the running I was doing at the time because I was burned out on running.

    Your best bet is to experiment with cutting down and see how it affects your progress, and if that’s something that continues to deliver the desired weight loss results with less of the shakes then you can definitely cut them down to something more tolerable for you.

    Again, thanks for visiting and commenting here on my blog. I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you.


  38. Hello Jamilah,

    My apologies I was unable to get to your question in a more timely manner.

    Sometimes the transition to the low sugar program is a bit of a shock to the system, especially if what you used to eat was high in salt content. If that’s the case, you’re body is then retaining as much salt from your food and drinks as possible which can result in a weight gain. You’re best bet to combat this is to drink some chicken broth to help add additional salt to your program without damaging your program. Also combining this with a probiotic and additional fiber (such as psyllium husks or Benefiber) helps quickly restore good bacteria levels to your intestinal track so that your digestive system is able to maximize it’s ability to extract the nutrients from the food you eat.

    You shouldn’t worry about feeling hungry because once your body is able to better extract the nutrients from your food and you’re eating better foods that give the body what it needs, you’ll find your appetite will drop. It’s also handy to make sure that you have some foods that are a 0/0 impact available as snacks so that if you do get hungry you have something to supplement your meals that won’t count against your program. Also you may also want to try drinking water, as sometimes people misread their body’s need for water as signal to eat. Try water first and if that doesn’t satiate you at that moment, then grab an approved snack.


  39. Hi Katherine,

    By itself, the S/C food list is not available as an electronic document, however, the entire Belly Fat Cure book is available as a Kindle book on Amazon, which makes the food list available electronically. I have a copy of it stored on my iPhone and often use it in the supermarket to look at for recipes while I’m out to make sure I’ve got the right ingredients. The food list is able to be viewed and if you want to pick up the Belly Fat Cure for Kindle, just click here to get to Amazon. And just get the Kindle reader for your type of phone in your phone’s app store or marketplace and for your computer from Amazon.


  40. Hi Linda,

    Congratulations on getting the Belly Fat Cure book and I hope that you’ve found success following the program. I can appreciate the challenge of how to make the program work on a more limited budget. Some of the better for you products are expensive and not always able to be a viable choice on a budget. So you have to do what you can. For example, the Seeds of Change pasta sauces are great and some are completely sugar free but at $7.00 a jar, a little too expensive. I usually opt for the house brand pasta sauces as Fresh & Easy which have 2-3 grams of sugar per serving, but at less than $2 a jar for the sauce I’ll make that trade and just have less sugar points available for other things. I usually use less than the daily allowance of 15 grams anyway.

    You’re best bet to just be really observant of labels so that you can make the best choices available on the budget that you have to work with. Don’t view the products in the book as the only way you can succeed they are there to just give you ideas of what to look for where you live. Just make the best choices you can.



  41. Hi Parker,

    You’ll find on the program that your appetite will decrease on the program. I was personally shocked by how much mine dropped as I got used to the program. Keep in mind that the goal of the program is not to starve yourself. If you’re hungry, eat. There are many good options that have 0/0 S/C Values that you can use to fill your time between meals when you’re hungry. So long as your total for the day doesn’t exceed 15/6, you’ll be fine.


  42. Hi Roberta,

    For snacks for the Belly Fat Cure program I would recommend the “Carb Swap Products” chapter of the Belly Fat Cure section of the book for variety, but essentially you’d do well with some nuts like peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc. Popcorn works well as well as snack. I can understand getting bored with some of the options, but essentially snacking period is just to take the edge off between meals. Feel free to change it up whenever you want with other items that have 0/0, but just do what you can.

    Congratulations on your 35 pounds lost and I hope that in my absence from this blog you’ve continued to have success on your journey through weight loss. I’m really happy to hear about your success and that you have a support group of people to keep each other on track. Keep up the good work.


  43. Hi Kib,

    Thanks for your comment. I know you can get pure stevia without any sugar alcohol additives as a possible sweetener for you. However, what I hear from people who try it by itself is that they aren’t too fond of the bitter aftertaste of pure stevia and the longer they use it the less they like it. I’m not entirely sure what to suggest for you as you definitely have some special circumstances that I am certainly not qualified to give you the best medically sound advice.

    I’ve heard from a number of folks who’ve found that by reducing their sugar intake to 15 grams or less per day have seen a reduction in the effects of arthritis, so you may see a lessoning of the affects of your afflictions. You may also want to try Jorge’s fast track program which further eliminates grains and a lot of carbohydrates. It’s very similar to Dr. Mercola’s No Grain Diet program and the premise of its program is that grains are the cause of a lot of ailments in life because people were not designed to handle, so the ailments are an allergic reaction to the grains that people are not designed to eat. If you’re interested in Dr. Mercola’s book, it can be found here.

    Thanks again for your comment and question and best of luck to you in your weight loss goals.


  44. Hi Tori,

    Congratulations on your success at losing 40 pounds with the Belly Fat Cure. That is a great achievement and I am really proud of you. I appreciate your suggestion about the Ralph’s Carbsmart yogurt and I will have to check it out the next time I’m in a Ralph’s store. Thank you so much for the suggestion.


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