Experimenting With The Recipe For Sugar Free Cookies

Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Made With Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate ChipsAs I mentioned in my June 16th post about the Amazing Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (read it by clicking here), I was planning on experimenting on the recipe by adding some sugar free Maple Syrup to the recipe instead of some of the sugar and see how they came out. Well today was the day I decided to try it out.

I was originally planning to substitute half the Xylitol used in the recipe with the Maple Syrup, but my mother had said she had tried doing that and the cookies came out very floppy and didn’t quite harden up nicely, so I thought, okay, maybe a little syrup goes a long way. So I used the syrup for roughly 20 percent of the sugar substitute total amount I had used before. And this seemed to work very well. The cookies firmed up completely the way you expect homemade cookies to do so.

But what was completely unexpected, that was wonderful was the Sugar Free Maple Syrup added to the cookie aroma that it was practically like a scented orgasm for the nose. I never got that kind of cookie smell in the kitchen with the previous two batches, and wow, now, I see why the original recipe wanted a granulated brown sugar kind of sugar substitute. This smell makes the cookies smell a lot richer and it made a huge difference. I’m definitely adding Sugar Free Maple Syrup to the recipe again the next time I make some more.

The kind of Sugar Free Maple Syrup I used in my cookies is made by Joseph’s brand. Click here to view the product at Amazon.com. The syrup is recommended for use on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure. The cookies made with the syrup were really awesome. Might just have to couple one or two of them with another homemade sugar free chocolate milkshake like the ones I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post.



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