Enjoying An In Flight Which Wich? Sandwich

In flight Which WichYou might be asking since when does United Airlines serve Which Wich? sandwiches on their flights. How on Earth would they be able to customize a “hot wich” mid flight? Unfortunately, that’s not (yet) a service they offer. I can just imagine a flight where every seat back is equipped with a Which Wich? bag, and a red Sharpie for passengers to check a page in the flight magazine to write out the basic type of sandwich they want and then use the bag’s check boxes to further customize the rest of the bag and write on a seat number instead of a name so that an inflight Which Wich? attendant could prepare the sandwiches and have them delivered hot and fresh to passengers in flight, but unfortunately that’s just a dream at this point.

In the era of airlines trying to nickel and dime their passengers for all the formerly included services, such as food offerings on cross country flights, the good thing is they allow you to bring your own food on board. So which airport offers Which Wich? in the terminal? Well none in California at the moment. How I got a Which Wich? sandwich on board my red eye flight from Los Angeles International (LAX) to Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport (IAD) was stopping at the Which Wich store in Carlsbad, California where I had bought two sandwiches, one to enjoy hot and fresh there in the restaurant and the other to take with me on my flights.

I enjoyed a great Turkey “hot wich” as they like to call them at Which Wich? while it was still hot and fresh. I then took the Roast Beef sandwich I also bought and tucked it into my carry on bag and then drove the rest of the way to Carlsbad’s regional airport (CLD) to wait for my flight up to Los Angeles. Ultimately I was flying to New York, but the red eye portion of my flight would be from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. before switching to a morning flight from DC to Newark, New Jersey (EWR) and then riding into New York on the trains.

I felt it was a better idea for me to grab a customized sandwich at Which Wich? than to take my chances on one the airlines “snack boxes.” I have been on a low sugar eating program since the end of April and have lost over 65 pounds since then, so the last thing I wanted to was to take my chances on what the airline had available to purchase. And judging from the in flight magazine, I made the right choice because the available snack boxes had a variety of things, most of which contained several items I don’t want to touch because of their high sugar content. The Which Wich? sandwich on the other hand was completely customized to my liking and as I had it prepared had only minimal natural sugar from the tomatoes and onions on the sandwich.

My only minor complaint was that that the sandwich wasn’t still hot but by this point it had been at least three hours since the sandwich was originally made. The sandwich was still very good and extremely tasty to enjoy from my cramped seat in Economy class. I was very happy I stopped at Which Wich? before my flights.

The only real down side was knowing I wasn’t going to find a Which Wich? in New York or New Jersey for my return flight home. Even though Which Wich? does have stores in Colorado, none were at the Denver Airport (DEN) for my layover there on my return flight. It’s okay though, at least now that I’m back home, I can visit my local Which Wich? shops anytime I want.



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