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Last night Duffy opened her US tour in San Diego at Humphrey’s By The Bay. She’s on a four week tour headlining across the US and along for the ride is her opening act, Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Personally I wish I had shown up late because I thought Eli “Paperboy” Reed was absolutely terrible. I spent most of his performance chatting with some people online via my cellphone as a way to pass the time since the music was just flat out awful.

Fortunately, Duffy more than made up for the fact her opening act should have been left at home. Like her music, which sounds like it really should be from an era long past, she came out wearing a striped white and navy blue mini-dress that certainly wouldn’t have looked out of place a few decades past (albeit a little shorter than probably would have been appropriate then). She was just so cute. Even the her pronunciation of “San Diego” was cute as she pronounced San with the a sounding as you would pronounce the word “lawn” as opposed to how San Diegans pronounce it more like the a in “fan.”

Duffy commented how beautiful the venue was with the palm trees and overlooking the bay. She even told a little story about how at the sound check she saw some ducks walking through the seating area and commented how back home in Wales, she’d be more likely to see sheep crossing through instead.

She performed her entire album, randomly hitting songs and she loved the fact that there were so many people dancing to her music. It even became amusing at one point because a lot of people came up to the stage and were dancing down in front, and they were chased back to their seats by security and Duffy had commented how she appreciated the dancing despite the “security issues.” She even said with all the dancing out there it felt like she was doing the disco version of her album up there.

One new song was presented, a great new song by the name of “Rain On Your Parade” which she said would be her next single. The song musically feels pretty close to “Mercy” which has been her debut hit from the current album but definitely has a style all of its own. I can’t wait to hear it released so I can hear it again. In addition to performing her album, she also performed one of her b-sides from the “Mercy” single called “Tomorrow.”

The main set of songs closed with “Mercy” and in the encore she saved “Delayed Devotion” and my second favorite song from the album “Distant Dreamer” I was really impressed how well people in the audience knew her album because they were very enthusiastic and singing along a good part of the time too. I really enjoyed her “Rockferry” album myself, as many of my blog readers already know, once I heard “Mercy” and found out the album was still two months away from a US release, I ordered her album from Europe so that I wouldn’t have to wait so long to enjoy it.

If you happen to live in any of the cities Duffy is stopping in over the next four weeks here in the US, I certainly recommend seeing her. I think she’s destined for a promising career ahead. I’ve included links to her upcoming shows that are being sold by TicketMaster in the box that appears below, check her out if you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you skip the opening act.

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  1. C. Hendricks says :

    …………likewise, the front act was so awful. Perhaps he had too much caffeine!! When he wasn’t screaming and sang softer, he did have a lovely voice. Duffy more than made up for it. We love her. Saw her first on the Craig Ferguson show and fell in love with her very unique voice.

    Maybe it was her agent that put paperboy on the show??
    I am 67 yrs. old.

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