Discovering The Nutritional Information Of Recipes

Nanaimo BarsI was recently asked what the nutritional breakdown of my Sugar Free Nanaimo Bar recipe was and I thought I’d see what Google would came up with for finding out how to do that. I ended up finding which would not only allow me to find out the nutritional information for my recipe but would allow me to compile my recipes into a virtual cookbook.

I found the interface for entering ingredients a little clunky because I ended up having to manually enter nutritional information from a lot of the products I used in my recipe. And then I ended up having to do some funky calculations to determine how to translate that nutritional information into the quantities needed for the recipe. Take for example the Xylitol featured in the recipe, the nutritional information for it is based on a 2 teaspoon serving size and part of the recipe calls for 1 and 3/4 cups of it. So it was a little tricky, fortunately, the final recipe doesn’t show the weird quantities and sizes I had to enter to calculate the recipe.

Nanimo Bar NutritionThe site does keep the nutritional information for the various items people enter on the site, so some of the ingredients I didn’t have to manually enter the information for. This means as more people use the site and enter the nutritional information for ingredients they use, the less likely you’ll have to manually enter it. I elected to enter most of the ingredients manually and then tagged the ingredient name with the brand name I used.

For the purposes of the Belly Fat Cure, the only numbers needed are the sugar grams and the total carbohydrate grams to figure out the S/C Value. The Nanaimo Bar recipe has an S/C Value of (0/1) this value is accurate if you cut the 8×8 pan of Nanaimo Bars into either 5 x 5 rows and columns or what I recommend the 6 x 6 rows and columns. I just find the 5 x 5 size produces squares that are just a little too big. The 6 x 6 configuration is just the right bite size. The nutritional information is in the image to the side shows the nutritional information based on cutting the dessert into 36 squares. If you cut it into a 5 x 5 pan, you will get 25 squares. If you do opt to go for the 25 squares the total carb count is 20 grams, which conveniently is still counted as 1 serving on the Belly Fat Cure. For those watching calories, the 25 serving version has 147 calories per square.

The full nutritional breakdown that is viewable on the website does show that the recipe does contain trace amounts of sugar (0.2 grams) which is natural sugar derived from the coconut and walnuts used in the recipe. Those just happen to be two of the ingredients that I didn’t manually enter nutritional information into the nutritional calculator on the site for. Regardless of whether or not you cut the pan into 25 or 36 squares, the trace amount of sugar is so small, it officially counts as none.

If you would like to check out the recipe and the full nutritional breakdown, please check out the recipe at or visit my cookbook there at If you join the site you will have the opportunity to rate my recipe as well.

At the moment the cookbook only features the Nanaimo Bar recipe, but it will be where I store my created recipes for the Belly Fat Cure. Be sure to visit it and bookmark it and of course, feel free to fill out the e-mail sign up form to the left for my blog site as I will be sharing new recipes here as well. That way you get a new email every time there is a new post here on my blog.



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