Death By Sugar – Two Experiments For Jorge Cruise’s Upcoming Documentary

Death By Sugar - A Documentary By Jorge CruiseOn Wednesday morning I received an early morning call from Jorge Cruise who wanted to know if I’d be willing to participate in a little experiment for his documentary that’s tentatively being called “Death By Sugar.” After he explained what he was looking to achieve, I was definitely willing to participate, albeit a little hesitant about consuming a high quantity of sugar for the experiment.

The tests were going to involve some blood draws and in order to get a pure sample Jorge called me early to ensure he caught before I had any food for the day. So I agreed to have nothing but water between then and the noon meeting time at the office of Dr. James Novak in Pacific Beach. When I got to Dr. Novak’s clinic, Jorge was already there waiting for me. I was introduced to Jared Davis who was here to film the experiment and Kelly Wiggin, a nurse in Dr. Novak’s office, who like me had been through Jorge’s Belly Fat Cure Program and lost weight. Kelly had been in an earlier test case group and she will be featured in the final version of the Belly Fat Cure book so be sure to look for her testimonial when the book comes out! Kelly was going to be in charge of taking my blood draws.

The initial experiment was going to consist of a blood draw to show what my blood looks like with no food in my system for over 14 hours. So basically blood in a fasted state. Then I was to consume approximately 300 grams of sugar, and then we would do three additional blood draws, one at ten minutes following the sugar, one at thirty minutes following the sugar, and then again at one hour following the sugar. Now keep in mind, I’ve been on Jorge Cruise’s Belly Fat Cure program for the last 12 weeks and I’ve had no more than 15 grams of sugar per day in those 12 week, most of the time I’ve averaged about 7 to 10 grams of sugar per day. So a meal consisting of 300 grams of sugar was going to be more sugar in one sitting than I’ve had in the last 30 days combined.

The first blood draw with Kelly went very smoothly, the blood flowed very easily into the vial and looked like very good healthy blood. Then it was into the kitchen where I was presented with a smörgåsbord of sugar loaded items, including several different Jamba Juice smoothies, Starbucks Muffins & Yogurt Parfaits, orange juice, yogurt, bananas, Pop Tarts, Gatorade, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and some chocolate bars. Ultimately, what I consumed and it’s sugar count was:Ryan Cameron With Dr. James Novak and Kelly Wiggin

Yoplait Yogurt – Cherry – 6oz. cup (27 grams)
Simply Orange – Orange Juice -16 oz. (44 grams)
Pop Tarts – Low Fat Strawberry – 2 pastries (40 grams)
Mountain Dew – 20 oz. (77 grams)
Banana – Large (approx. 21 grams)
Snickers – Regular size bar (30 grams)
Total: 239 grams of sugar

To be honest, I’m really quite surprised at how little food this was to achieve that high a sugar count. Our goal was to have me eat 300 grams, but I couldn’t do it. I only added the Snickers bar at the end because I was full and it was the smallest item left on the table that had a high amount of sugar to help push it up. Outside of the Snickers bar, it’s really not unlike a typical American on the go type breakfast. You’d think the yogurt, the orange juice and the banana are really healthy so you’d feel like you had permission to add on the Mountain Dew and Pop Tarts, and no doubt the Snickers a little later on for a snack.

When I look at it, that really is not unlike something I would have eaten more than twelve weeks ago when I started the Belly Fat Cure program and have dropped my sugar intake to less than 15 grams per day, again, typically averaging for me about 7 to 10 grams of sugar per day. And to think I would do that kind of high sugar meals at least three times per day. Literally 239 grams of sugar in one sitting, was more sugar than I had in the last three weeks combined.

As we went back into the exam room where Kelly would draw the second blood draw, I was beginning to get a major headache. No doubt do to the sugar overload. At one point I was beginning to feel like I was ready to throw up. I didn’t but was feeling it. I had been detoxed from sugar for so long I wasn’t use to that kind of shock to the system. And ultimately we found that to be the case on the second blood draw, because my blood was like sludge or very dirty car oil. I had to pump my hands to help force the blood out and fill the vial. Dr. Novak came in to witness the draw and said the blood was highly viscous meaning it was heavily resisting flowing. This seemed like exactly the sign Jorge was looking to achieve as the experiment was based on one done for the book, “Transcend” by Dr. Ray Kurtzwell and Dr. Terry Goodman where consuming too much sugar turns blood into a sludgy pink cream as opposed the more free flowing red river it normally is.

After half an hour since the sugar overdosing, a third draw was done, this time by Dr. Novak as Kelly was with another patient at the time. Doctor Novak elected to take the sample from a spot on my hand just above my ring finger. This spot hurt like hell when the needle went in, if it wasn’t for the cameras I probably would have yelped. I didn’t know there was a vein you could draw blood from there. I’ve always had it done on the arm anytime I’ve had blood taken out. Well the blood was flowing into the vial more smoothly on this test.

And our final blood draw at the one hour point was done by Kelly. Kelly went back to my arm for this draw which was a welcome relief to my hand which was still very sore from the last draw. Maybe it was the shock of the last draw or not, but I never felt the needle going in this time with Kelly. And we quickly filled the vial with minimal additional pumping of my hand to help coax the blood out.

Next we took all the blood samples into the lab where they would be spun on the centrifuge to separate the components of the blood. The spinning forces the red blood cells down towards the bottom of the vial while the serum separates out to the top, and a compound is already in the vial before the samples gets take that is less dense than the red blood cells and more dense than the serum moves in between the red blood cells and the serum to act as a stopper to keep the two components separate after the centrifuge process.

After the spinning we looked at all the tubes of blood and we didn’t achieve a pink sludge like effect like we were hoping for, but the vial of the blood from right after the sugar consumption, the serum of the blood was definitely a darker color than the original sample. It looked like dirty serum. And the successive blood draws really didn’t look too much different from the original draw. If the vials weren’t labeled I think I would have been hard pressed to tell all but the 10 minute following the sugar vial from the rest. It seems that to find the blood with a more sludge like effect, the blood just has to be a constant state of sugar overdose and one overdose sitting after twelve weeks of minimal sugar isn’t going to achieve that but there was definitely a noticeable difference.

Fortunately, there was another experiment Jorge wanted done on my blood, and that would be a Darkfield Live Cell Microscopy with Dr. Stefan Bajon who does live blood cell analysis at Dr. Novak’s clinic. Doctor Bajon wasn’t going to be available until into the evening, and since those tests would require fresh samples of blood, it was decided it would be better to start fresh the next morning, which worked out better for everyone. I went home for the evening with a major headache that just wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t severe enough of a headache for me to want to take an Advil pill for it, but just enough to be constantly present through the evening. I was definitely anxious to be done with the experiment in the morning so that I can resume my new low sugar lifestyle. The headache alone ensured I’d be quick to not jump back into a heavily overdosed sugar lifestyle again.

The next morning back for another round of way too much sugar, I arrived early and had a chance to chat with both Dr. Novak and Kelly about the experience of the previous day. I was waiting in the infusion area of the clinic and Kelly introduced me to a couple of the patients who would be getting infusions and told them about the weight loss both Kelly and I have had on Jorge’s Belly Fat Cure program and we told them about the experiment we did the previous day. It was fun chatting with them while waiting for the others to arrive.

Dr. Novak, Jared, Dr. Bajon, & RyanDr. Bajon was the first to arrive and I was introduced to him, he gave me a flyer to read that described the process I would be undergoing and he had me fill out a client information form for him. A little while later Jorge and Jared arrived and Jared got set up for the filming of the procedure. And before you knew it, we were ready to go.

The Darkfield Live Cell Microscopy procedure was not going to require as much blood as the previous experiment, in fact, just a couple of drops of blood. Dr. Bajon wiped my finger with an alcohol swipe, dried it off with some gauze, then used a medical finger pricker and said I had a very healthy balling of the blood, which was a good sign, he wiped away the first drop as he said the first drop tends to be a little traumatized and doesn’t give the best readings, so we squeezed out another drop and he carefully lowered a microscope slide towards the ball of blood on my finger being ever so careful as to get it just close enough that the blood jumps up off the finger and on to the slide, it was really neat to watch. He also took a second slide just in case then applied slide covers to the drops of blood added a little oil and then put the slides on the microscope.

Ryan's Blood With lots Of Chi EnergyThe microscope is attached to a digital camera to enlarge the magnification the microscope does and feeds the picture to both a DVD recorder and a tv-screen, that way through the procedure Dr. Bajon and his patient can both see close up live feed of what the blood is doing on the slide under the microscope. Once we got the slide on the microscope and zoomed into where the blood cells could be seen, the first shot was absolutely amazing, the blood cells were moving around almost like they were dancing on screen for us. Dr. Bajon said that’s a very good sign to see that kind of activity right away. The blood cells all had clear definition you could see what looked like pure energy moving around inside the cells, which Dr. Bajon called the “Chi” of the cells. And we looked around on the slides we saw a couple of cells that looked like they had collapsed due to free radical damage, he said that’s pretty normal but suggested I might want to add a few more anti-oxidants to my diet to help minimize that.

Ryan with his healthy blood cells - Notice the White Blood Cell in the upper right hand corner of the monitorAs we looked around in the blood we went looking for white blood cells and we saw a few of them. We really had to look at first. Dr. Bajon said that too is a good sign because a lot of white blood cells present is a sign of infection. The white blood cells when we finally found some to look at are huge compared to the red blood cells. They look almost like planets and some of the white blood cells we saw were ones that Dr. Bajon described as being granular. On those they had these tiny dark specks that were moving around on them, it was really exciting to watch.

Overall, Dr. Bajon said I have very healthy looking blood which is very reassuring to me because I’ve worked very hard in the last 12 weeks to drop the 47 pounds I’ve already lost on the Belly Fat Cure and this was additional proof to me I’m on the right track now. Plus, I was relieved that the overdose of sugar from the previous day didn’t show any lasting effects, but now for the fun to begin, a new round of sugar overdosing. This time, today’s overdose of sugar was a little bit more restrained than the previous day. What I ate to spike my sugar levels for this experiment was:

Yoplait Yogurt – Mixed Berry – 6oz. cup (27 grams)
Simply Orange – Orange Juice -16 oz. (44 grams)
Pop Tarts – Low Fat Strawberry – 2 pastries (40 grams)
Pepsi – 20 oz. (69 grams)
Banana – Large (approx. 21 grams)
Total: 201 grams of sugar

We allowed ten minutes to pass before we began the second blood analysis. After we made our new slides and they were put on the microscope, what a world of difference could be seen in such a short time. Now instead of my blood cells being free flowing and individualized they were all clumped together and shrunken down as if they were all huddling together to protect themselves from the attack of the sugar. You couldn’t see any of the “chi” that was there in the previous slide, the cells were just lacking any of the life energy they had about fifteen minutes before. Dr. Bajon described the cells as exhibiting “Rouleaux” which is French for “stack of coins.” I said to Dr. Bajon that’s quite funny to me because I work in a casino and one of the games I deal is “Roulette” which also got its name from the French.

10 minutes after consuming 200 grams of sugar, my blood was experiencing "Rouleaux"The Rouleaux conditions of my blood made the cells clump together, they looked a lot like caterpillars instead of blood cells. Also there was spindle looking fiber things that when those clumped together they looked a lot like how shattered glass appears. Dr. Bajon described that as fibrinogen which is a protein released by the liver to aid in clotting. So essentially my blood after 200 grams of sugar now had clumped red blood cells and an excess of fibrinogen which would definitely make it thicker and less free flowing, it’s almost like my blood has reacted as if it was under attack All of us were shocked by what the sugar did in no time at all for what had been very healthy blood before eating too much sugar.

I can easily see why people who eat too much sugar are constantly tired, because there’s absolutely no way the blood can efficiently carry oxygen to the cells that need it when it is in a Rouleaux state. It greatly reduces the capacity of the blood to effectively deliver the oxygen to the body. Dr. Bajon stated that people who eat lots of sugar tend to have Candida in their blood stream. Candida is basically bacteria from your intestinal tract and sugar acts like a Trojan Horse for Candida to allow it into your bloodstream where it basically acts like a rodent infestation in a house, it gets everywhere through the bloodstream and leaves its waste material everywhere as evidence it’s been there. It leads to infection. The most commonly know form of infection caused by Candida is yeast infection in women.

Ryan in shock at how his blood transformed after 200 grams of sugar.Probably the biggest eye opening experience of this experiment for me was knowing that prior to 12 weeks ago when I started the Belly Fat Cure, I was eating huge amounts of sugar at every meal. Maybe not quite as much as the 201 grams I had before this experiment, but definitely way up there. The liquid sugars are easily the worst culprits because the sodas and juices are loaded with it. It comes as no surprise to me now that I was destined to be fat living that kind of a lifestyle.

I feel very fortunate to have had Jorge Cruise to show me the error of my ways and twelve weeks ago showed me the Belly Fat Cure. I wouldn’t be in the same place I am today without his intervention and educating me about sugar. And I certainly consider it an honor to have been asked by Jorge to undergo this experiment on camera so that I could help him get his message out about the danger of sugar. The footage will most likely end up in Jorge Cruise’s upcoming documentary “Death By Sugar” but you don’t have to wait that long to get a little taste of it.

Jorge recorded some video clips with his iPhone during our session and has posted them to YouTube. You can watch them below here in my blog post or view them on YouTube using the links below the videos.

The first clip shows Dr. Bajon describing my healthy blood before we introduced the sugar.

Click here to view the “Before Sugar” video on YouTube.

In the second clip we see me eating the Pop Tarts and Orange Juice and taking about the sugar with Jorge in the background.

Click here to see the “Sugar Consumption” video on YouTube.

And the final video clip which shows Dr. Bajon explaining the clumping of my red blood cells as the presence of fibrinogen as my blood enters a state of stress induced by the sugar.

Click here to view the “After Sugar” video on YouTube.

The videos are absolutely shocking, and it’ll be considerably more impressive once the footage from the professional camera gets put together. Again, these clips were made with an iPhone! It’s definitely an eye opener. I commend Jorge Cruise for taking on the challenge of making a documentary in the style of Morgan Sprulock’s fast food documentary, “Super Size Me,” to really show the dangers of sugar.

Every time I walk into a grocery store, I get sick looking at how fat is being made out to be the culprit for the severe obesity in America, sure it contributes, but it’s not doing nearly the same damage as sugar. Aisle after aisle of products promoting “LOW FAT” or “NO FAT” and barely any mention of sugar outside of the nutrition labels. In fact many of the low or no fat versions of foods have more sugar than the regular version, which makes them even more dangerous than the regular kinds. I do hope that Jorge’s documentary is able to start the process of bringing about a revolutionary change. Sugar is killing America and maybe its a conspiracy between the food industry and the drug companies who make the products to deal with the obesity, or maybe its not. But the fact remains reducing sugar to 15 grams or less per day produces considerable change in health, and I am living proof of it.

Thanks again to Jorge Cruise for not only the Belly Fat Cure, but the invitation for allowing me to participate in his sugar experiments that will shock the nation when his film gets released. Visit Jorge Cruise at his website at Thank you also to Jared Davis for being there to film the experiments and while I least liked the part of being filmed eating a bunch of sugar, I know its for a good cause and Jared is going to make the film look incredible. I also want to thank Dr. James Novak and Kelly Wiggin, for their care during the two experiments. Its with health care professionals like these two, that America is in great hands medically. Special thanks to everyone who works in Dr. Novak’s clinic for allowing us the opportunity to conduct these experiments over the last two days. And last but certainly not least, Dr. Stefan Bajon for conducting the Darkfield Live Cell Microscopy analysis of my blood. You can find out more about Dr. Stefan Bajon and his services at

And to compare the blood images side by side. The left side of the following image is the healthy blood before the sugar was consumed. The right hand side of the image is ten minutes after consuming 200 grams of sugar. What a world of difference.

Blood Before And After 200 Grams Of Sugar



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  1. Where can I get a copy of this documentary? We have numerous clients who we work with specifically on diet and they would all benefit greatly from viewing this. Sugar is the constant battle for people and I think this would help give some resolve. Also, if you have suggestions about other resources regarding sugar please share them.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Kirkland, Asst.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    As far as I know, the documentary has not yet been completed. I will blog about it as soon as I hear about it’s release but until then, I do not know when it will actually be completed. In the meantime, feel free to share the YouTube video as it’s definitely a powerful message on the dangers of sugar.

    As for other suggestions, please see other entries on my blog as I post new information whenever I come across some.


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