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David CarrollIn probably one of the most unique ways to express outrage at poor customer service, David Carroll has posted to YouTube the second music video of the three he promised United Airlines he would make after baggage handlers for the airline damaged his guitar and their poor customer service has done nothing to make amends for it.

As some of my readers will recall, I posted about his first video which garnered Carroll a lot of media attention for his unorthodox method of sharing his complaint with the airline to the world. Click here to read my original blog entry on the matter.

The new video is below. Be sure to watch to the end of it as there’s a really funny bit at the very end after the credits in the video.

And for those who missed the original video, it does share the how the whole saga started. I’m posting it here for your viewing pleasure.

And if you enjoy the songs, David Carroll has made them available for purchase through both Amazon and iTunes. Click here to get David Carroll’s songs from Amazon. Click here to get David Carroll’s songs from iTunes.

Now the wait for the third and final installment in the trilogy of songs.

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