2 thoughts on “Customized San Diego Chargers Tailgating Grill”

  1. Thanks Ryan for the write-up. People enjoyed the end result so much that I have been getting inquiries asking me to customize a grill for them in their team’s colors. I am currently doing one for a Texas A&M football fan and plan to have it shipped in time for this weekend’s game in College Station, Texas. So even though the video lays it out on how people can do it themselves, some are willing to pay me to do it for them. I’ll be publishing the photos of the Texas A&M themed grill in the next few days. It is turning out quite nice.

  2. Hi Dave,

    That’s awesome that you’ve gotten great response so far. I know it was meant for people to customize their own, but seems like it may be a good gig customizing grills for others if they’re willing to pay a premium for it. I would love to see the pics of Texas A&M grill when its done as I sort of have a soft for the the Texas college teams as it seems my high school took the Longhorn logo from the University of Texas and the colors from Texas A&M, and combined them for the Rancho Buena Vista High School Longhorns. I always thought those colors looked sharp. Was never too fond of the Orange color the Texas Longhorns use.

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