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Could You Wait Original Cast RecordingLouise Pitre, who was the original Donna in the original Toronto and Broadway casts of “Mamma Mia!” is back with a new show, this time drawing inspiration from the World War II era. The musical, “Could You Wait?” is a show near and dear to Louise’s heart because it affords her a rare opportunity to work with her husband, Joe Matheson. Together with Diane Leah on piano, the trio have crafted a touching story about finding love and being separated by war and posing the question if the pair could wait for each other.

The show showcases the awkwardness of the initial stages of courtship and how long distance relationships can build via correspondence. Each deals with the awkwardness of what to say and what not to say as each letter exchange occurs before ultimately deciding to wait for each other, despite the concerns of their respective parents. The story gets told through the use of actual World War II era songs along with five songs written especially for the show that fit seamlessly into the show as if they could have been hit songs from the era.

The show hasn’t been seen outside of Ontario, yet. But the cast recording is available and it’s a welcome addition to my collection. Mamma Mia! introduced me to Louise Pitre’s wonderful voice, but it was her albums that made me a fan. So when I found out about this cast album, it was a no brainer, and I had to order it, no matter the cost. And the total cost ended up being about $30 US, but worth every penny. Louise and Joe sing brilliantly together and the songs are excellent showcases for their voices. I bet the show the was spectacular to see too. I hope they get the chance to introduce more audiences to it.

If you’re interested in checking out “Could You Wait?” it can be ordered from Indie Pool Canada by clicking here or calling 1-800-884-6343 (Toll Free in the US & Canada). The site is in flash so you manually have to search for Louise Pitre, and they also carry her other albums as well. If you want to try Louise Pitre without committing to this album, try her “Shattered” album available as an Amazon Download as well as on iTunes. For the US iTunes: Louise Pitre - Shattered For European iTunes: Click Here

 Posted on : June 15, 2008

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  1. pat howson says :

    I was fortunate enought to travel from our hometown, Sasaktoon, to London Ontario, to see Could You Wait opening night at The Grand Theatre….you see Joe is one of my kid brothers, and I know how much Joe always wanted our parents at his productions, but he got his big sister this time. That is a photo of our Dad on the cover of the CD, when he was in the war, and my Dad’s nickname was Matt,and Mom’s maiden name was Boyle, so there were a few surprises for me at the performance as well. Sent CDs off to all my Mom’s and Dad’s siblings, as we all remember my Mom singing those old war time hits…..she loved them. One of my Aunts said the music brought back great memories of youth, and memories of the sadness of the war………I love the CD and promote it wherever and whenever I can, and do my share of singing along. It’s great for me, as I can see the play as I sing along.

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