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If you’ve ever seen the colossal selling video “The Secret” or read the book version, or even seen the “The Secret” discussed on Oprah Winfrey’s show, then you’re already familiar with the concept of creating a vision board, as taught by John Assaraf. Essentially, the concept to making a vision board, is put up photos of what things or concepts you want in life on a board and then visualize having those things or feelings as if they were already part of your life.

So this can be quite a laborious process, but if you really want those things in your life, then it’s worth the time and effort. Well when I was first introduced to “The Secret” at Raymond Aaron’s “Monthly Mentor University” a couple of years ago, I thought about putting together a vision board, but really couldn’t get past the feeling that clipping pictures out of magazines and using glue sticks to attach those pictures to colored construction paper and writing little sayings, felt a little too junior highish for me. So needless to say, I never did one, even though John Assaraf’s story of living in the same exact dream home he put on his vision board was quite compelling in itself.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a video from a guy in Australia named Ryan Higgins, who found a much more interesting way to create vision boards without that junior highish feeling. Ryan’s concept was to make it a video vision board, or a “Mind Movie” as he’s dubbed them. Instead of using construction paper and cut out images from magazines, Ryan’s system involves making PowerPoint slides, collecting pictures from around the net, adding a favorite upbeat song, and using a program that animated the pictures and PowerPoint slides into a moving video and adds the music to the final product, and in the end you get a completely personalized “Mind Movie” that covers your wants and desires, with music that you find motivational.

Well it seems that when Ryan Higgin’s first did his own Mind Movie, he was working in a job he hated, and had bills that didn’t just weren’t going to get paid anytime soon. But by watching his video first thing every morning and as the last thing every night, his life started to change, and it started to change rapidly. He even started showing his video to other people and started helping others make their own videos and the response was tremendous, it seemed like more and more people were wanting help making their own mind movies and with the help of Natalie Ledwell, Ryan and Natalie put together a series of videos to create the step-by-step process of creating a mind movie and started selling that information online.

The success of it was just changing the life of both Ryan and Natalie and they are in the process of relaunching the Mind Movies Creation kit. To help introduce the new version of the kit, Ryan is giving away six pre-made mind movies covering things like finding the perfect mate, wealth, health, family, and gratitude so that people can download them and start to use them to help attract a better life through the Law of Attraction. You can get the free Mind Movies here at

Well the pre-made videos are great, but there’s nothing quite like a personalized video that taps into your own specific dreams and desires, not to mention uses a song that gets you excited. In my case, I’ve got some lofty goals concerning the kind of income I want to be making, the types of homes I want to live in, and the types of things I want to accomplish, as well as a way to give back to the community for making it all possible, not to mention a few indulgences along the way and those aren’t quite reflected exactly as I would like them in the pre-made videos. And I really love Roxette’s 2006 hit song, “One Wish” which incidentally is still the reigning most played song on my iPod. So I really wanted to make my own Mind Movie.

The problem was it wasn’t yet available, at the time I found the free videos that’s all there was. There wasn’t even a publicly known date for when the Mind Movie Creation Kit would be relaunched. But I was a persistent little bugger and within an hour of my deciding I really wanted a Mind Movie Creation kit, I managed to find the URL for the kits as they will be launched on September 10th, 2008. So I went ahead and by September 4th I had my kit and a couple of days later I started constructing my Mind Movie.

It was an incredibly fun process. The coming up with the script to the selection of the images, and even already knowing which song I was going to set it to, it all came together quickly and easily. I spent a few hours tweaking it until I was very happy with it. And now that it’s done, I’m just really excited to share the video, it was fun to make and I love watching it. If you haven’t already watched it, scroll up to the top of this blog entry and watch it or click here to view my Mind Movie on YouTube.

And if you would like to get your own Mind Movie Creation Kit, just use this link,, anytime after September 10th at 10 am Pacific Daylight Time, and you can get your own Mind Movie Creation Kit. I highly recommend getting one. As part of the kit you get instant access to the creation videos online while your physical kit comes in the mail. And who knows if there’s any one thing I really want to single out from my Mind Movie that I’d really like to have, it’s the ability to get weekly massages! So get your kit, make your own Mind Movie, and come back and tell me about it. I want to know.



4 thoughts on “Check Out My “Mind Movie””

  1. Hi Ryan

    You have done a great job on your mind movie, your
    energy and passion for your desires really shines
    through in your movie, I am sure you will be receiving
    everything you want very soon.

  2. wow! finally I find the mind movie creation kit here.
    Your movie is awesome guys 😀 really apreciate that.

    now, I get more info about mind movies. I love it, love your site too 😀

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