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Candian Goodies From GoCanuck.comOne of the things that I suppose is both good and bad about growing up in one place and moving to another is that you get to experience different things, but you also get nostalgic for the things that you can’t get in the new place that were readily available where you used to live. So as a Canadian living in San Diego, I tend to miss some of the things that were readily available in Canada that aren’t readily available here in San Diego. Fortunately, there are some great Canadians who are helping make sure former Canadians can get their fix for Canadian items, such as Rob and Elena Peters.

In what is becoming a more common way of meeting people, I met Elena Peters through Twitter. Somehow she found one of my twitter accounts and started following me. I occasionally peek at who is following me on my twitter accounts I was certainly curious about this “GoCanuck” that was following me, so I clicked over to read some of the tweets made on Twitter as well as follow the link to her site. It looks like Elena spends some time in San Diego every year and I had unfortunately just missed her most recent visit which included a Canada Day celebration that sounded like a fun event to be at. I certainly would have gone to celebrate Canada Day with other Canadians here in San Diego if I had known about the event beforehand.

The GoCanuck blog showed some of the items that were available locally here in San Diego for the Canada Day celebrations and I ended up emailing Elena to see if some of the things were still available as I was interested in some of the the things featured. This sparked a great conversation back and forth with Elena and the possibility of being able to get some of those items. We’re still trying to coordinate a date and time when I can check out some of the items with the folks that live locally that have them. But hopefully soon I can go check them out and add a few more items to my collection bearing the Maple Leaf.

Since I was having such a good time chatting with Elena, I thought it would be great to place an order with GoCanuck, Elena’s company which specializes making Canadian goods available to former Canadians or Canadian enthusiasts around the world. I browsed through the GoCanuck store and decided it was too long since my last visit to Canada and I put together an order of all favorite food items from Canada.

I decided I needed some Shreddies as one of the breakfast cereals that was certainly a staple in my childhood especially in the years when I lived back in Canada. Technically it has a bit more sugar per serving (8 grams) than the 5 grams of sugar I am allowed to have per serving on my Belly Fat Cure program so I’ll use it as a snack by the handful instead of as a cereal so I can get it in compliance with my program.

Click Here to access the GoCanuck StoreAnother item that I had to have was the Imperial Cinnamon Spread which always brings back memories as it was something my grandmother would always get for me when I used to stay at her house and I haven’t had any of it in at least eleven years. Every taste of that spread is full of memories of breakfast with Grandma. I so miss her.

I also ordered some Ketchup flavored Potato Chips. These were definitely a favorite flavor while growing up. I had to smile when the order arrived and I showed off the Ketchup flavored chips to my local friends much to their disgust at the thought of that flavor, although those willing to try a couple of them found the flavor to be really good. Definitely going to have to order more the next time.

And no order from Canada would be complete without some chocolate. It’s funny how when you grow up with access to these items, they may or may not be your favorites, but as soon as you move and no longer can get them easily, they quickly become your favorites. This is definitely the case for Coffee Crisp, Aero, and Smarties. None of these items are easily available in the US, so they’ve quickly become favorites that make for special treats whenever I can get some from across the border. The Coffee Crisps are uniquely Canadian, the Aero Bars and Smarties, I’ve gotten in other countries, in fact I’m still using up a tube of Smarties from the Netherlands that my good friend Liesbeth brought back for me from her most recent trip in April.

I went with the snack size packs of the Coffee Crisp, Aero, and Smarties because they’re easier to break up for use in my Belly Fat Cure program by Jorge Cruise. As I mentioned above, I’m allowed no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving and all of these chocolates in their full size bars greatly exceed that limit. So by getting snack size bars, that are all individually wrapped, I can break them up even further, such as the Coffee Crisp bars I can break in half and allow myself a half of one one day, and a half the next in order to make the serving compliant with my program. This way I don’t have do deny myself the goodies, I just get to have them in smaller pieces and with the snack size, I can keep them fresher longer, by only having to chop a small bar down into halves as opposed to a larger bar I may have to chop up into a lot more pieces. In any case, the goodies I got should last me a good long while at a couple of bites at a time.

A couple of the other items I ordered weren’t for me. I picked up some Bounty bars which I got for my friend Liesbeth. They were something she liked from across the border when we went up there before we moved her from Detroit to San Diego. And I picked up some Eat-More bars for my mother. I like those too, but they’re her favorite, so I thought she might like a couple of those bars. In any case, thanks to Elena Peters and her company GoCanuck, I have easy access to many great Canadian products.

If you’re craving some Coffee Crips, Laura Secord Chocolates, Old Dutch or Hostess Potato Chips, Butter Tarts, Robin Hood Baking Flour, Tim Horton’s Coffee, Red Rose Tea, HP Sauce, Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce, China Lilly Soy Sauce (if only China Lilly would start making their Sweet n’ Sour Sauce again), then it’s worth your while to check out GoCanuck, and even if you aren’t Canadian and want to see what all the fuss is about, try an order. Check out GoCanuck by clicking here. If you want direct access to the store, click here.



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